$annotatedconnectexception – How to fix?

Minecraft game was developed by Mojang Studios. Essentially,  it is a revered form of sandbox survival game crafted in Java language and was launched in 2011 Nov. 

This game was positively received by the users and for that reason, it has continually grown its popularity. Currently, it’s the best-selling game and over 200 million copies have circulated over the market.

 In the year 2020, over 120 million have been actively using the game. It has different game modes to enable players to play with freedom. It offers single-player and multiple players as well, a report daily showed that most players choose multiple players to compete and achieve their aim.

You can get the game on various platforms such as; Windows, Linux, PlayStation, Android, macOS, and Xbox. 

A recent update by Majong Studios showed that my craft games have cross-platform play, and can support community-created mods like custom maps, texture packs, and quality games such as waypoints, minima, and many more.

Recently about 20% of players experienced a bug called from connecting to cooperative play over the internet or local network. As per the version of your Mine craft, you are likely to get an error with the look below

  •$annotatedconnectexception: The connection has expired.
  • Channel$AnnotatedConnectException: Connection refused: no more information available.
  • Timeout connection timeout

The error texts above don’t give a lot of information but it indicates that we have an error with the connection. Some reasons which cause the error to occur are the window defender firewall or third-party antivirus software blocking internet connection to my craft.

 Let us now look into the causes of errors in my craft at length.$annotatedconnectexception

Causes of error in my craft

IP problem: this has been a problem for some users and it is whereby the wrong IP address was used. When you use the wrong IP address it will always refuse to connect to the server or it continuously disconnects the user.

 If you use the correct IP address the server will connect automatically and swiftly without causing you any default problems. Multiple users cause the IP address to be changed frequently and that’s why you may find it refusing to connect.

The Firewall: some of the window firewalls that you might be using can refuse to connect to the server. For the game to play without defaults and properly then Java files and game directory should be included in the window firewall exception list

Incompatible software: my craft has a list of incompatible software that causes connection problems to the server installed in your device making it not function well.  Also, case of incompatible software with the game can cause problems.

Outdated Java: when your Java software is outdated, then be sure that gaming will not function properly. 

To avoid this trouble make sure that you update your software Java regularly in case of a new version for it to be connected properly to the server and best functionality as well.

Solutions to fixing the error in my craft

Let’s examine some solutions that are recommendable for the above conflicts when using mine craft to enable it to function perfectly.

Reset router

The easiest way to solve an error is resetting the router. What is required of you is to switch off the router and disconnect it. 

After some time, plug it in again and switch it on after some minutes. Another option is to reset the router’s factory settings. This can be done by pressing and resetting the button for up to 30 seconds.

Disable the Windows Defender Firewall

This is another way to the efficiency of operation In my craft gaming. The following steps will shed light on your problems:

1. Open the WDF control panel applet as discussed in solution 2 above

2. Then click disable or enable the option on the left side of the control panel of the defender firewall

3. Click on disable windows defender firewall, but note that it is not recommendable

4. Then click OK for confirming the settings

Check Firewall Application Permissions

Window firewall defender makes functionality ineffective and causes errors and blockage of connection to access the server. To solve the issue below are the procedures to follow;

1. You have to press the key combination Windows + S

2. Type ‘firewall’ in the text box

3. Click WDF to open the control panel 

4. Click allow application 

5. Click on change settings for configuring firewall options

6. Check  the entire private and public areas as well for Java (TM) Platform SE binary

7. Lastly, click on the OK option

Before you connect to the server, try to enter the server address details manually. To achieve this process follow the below guides

1. Press the windows +R key for you to start

2. Type “cmd” in the open field available, then press Enter button to run the command swiftly

3. Type ‘ipconfig’ at the command prompt and then press Enter button

4. Take note of the specified IPv4 address

5. Open the file explorer window

6. Then open the path to access the file explorer, go to my craft server folder then Maxwell (here just choose a random number) the Mine craft server

7. Then Click on the server. And the properties file will be opened in Notepad.

8. Note the port number indexed in the server. Properties files.

9. Open my craft and select the option “Play Multiplayer”.

10. Choose the server you want to embrace.

11. Press the button designed for editing to open the server details.

12. In the Server Name field, type any name of your choice.

13. In the Address area, insert the port number and the IPv4 address in this exact format: XXX.XXX.X.X: YYYYY. X represents the IPv4 address and Y represents the port number.

14. Then Click the Done button.

15. Select the Refresh option to refresh it

16. Lastly, select the Join Server option.

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