Ideas that Can Take Your Events to the Next Level

Ideas that Can Take Your Events to the Next Level
Ideas that Can Take Your Events to the Next Level

If you are planning an event, you want to do something that makes it stand out. Planning an event that gets guests talking will help get your name out there. It will also help create a loyal following of people who want to continue attending your events. 

There have been some unique ideas that have worked to make events exciting in the past. Here are some you can borrow to take your event to the next level. 


Auctions are always a great idea as people that attend know that they may be able to walk away with items at discount prices while supporting the cause of the event. Auctions can be done live with an auctioneer, or you can host a silent auction to allow people to bid on goods. While a live auction can bring excitement to an event, a silent auction is lower maintenance and it won’t detract from whatever else is going on. 

Award Ceremonies

An award ceremony can be the central focus or it can be secondary to the main event. Awards can be serious and meaningful, like the best employee or most likely to succeed, or they can be fun and funny like a class clown or best application of mascara. Either way, they will provide an activity that people will look forward to. 

Car Boot Sale

If you are having an outdoor event, this is a fun idea that can bring the community together.

How many people have junk in their trunks? A lot! And if one’s man’s trash is another man’s treasure, why not have people open up their cars to allow them to buy, sell and trade items? This is a great way to possibly make money, meet new people and get your car clean.  


If you’re hosting an event for children, bouncy castles, cartoon characters and the like are no-brainers. But you can provide similar entertainment at adult parties to bring out the inner child in all your guests. Trampolines, arts and crafts, and childlike games and activities are sure to have everyone having a terrific time. 


Great entertainment can encourage people to attend your event and ensure they have a great time while they are there. There are many options when it comes to event entertainment. A live band is always fun. Magicians, artists, dancers, and speakers are some other choices for keeping things lively. 

Themed Events

Holding a themed event can help people get into the spirit of things. Decorate according to your theme and have people dress up in appropriate outfits to add to the excitement. There are many themes you can use that are sure to be popular with your guests. Choose a decade in the past, a historical event or a popular movie or television show to ensure your event will be a splash.

If you are hosting an event, these are just a couple of ideas you can use to make sure it stands out. What will you be doing to create a unique event that is sure to get them talking for weeks to come?  

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