How To Whisper In The Town Of Salem?

As a player of the Town of Salem, you may feel you need to whisper. You contact other players by whispering to them. In the game, whispering works as a chat box where you get to contact other members through private messages. But you can only do so in a certain way. This post explains how to whisper to other players in the game Town of Salem. In the post, you’ll also get tips on how to use the whisper function efficiently to win the game.

How To Whisper In The Town Of Salem
Whisper In The Town Of Salem

Whispering allows you to easily contact other people whether they’re in good or bad roles. Players use the whisper function according to the roles they’re assigned to play in the game. However, the process that players must follow to whisper is more or less the same. Here are the steps you should follow to whisper with other players in the Town of Salem.

  1. Type /whisper, /pm, or /w
  2. Take your space and type the name or number of the player you’re interested in.
  3. Then write the message you intend to pass across.

Player Number

In the Town of Salem, you’re better off using a player’s number than a name. The reason being that if there happen to be two players sharing a username, you’re bound to get confused. And it may confuse the system too.

Sending Private Messages

In the Town of Salem, you can send a message or message to any player. But the rest of the players won’t see any of your private messages. They can only see that you’ve sent a private message to a certain player. They can also see the name of the player that receives your message.

The Blackmailer

In the Town of Salem, you want to avoid whispering too much as that might get other players suspicious. You should particularly be careful if you’ve got Neutral amines in town. Unfortunately for you, the Blackmailer is capable of reading all messages at any time. Interestingly, they can still those messages even when they’re dead. Consequently, avoid whispering whenever you get blackmailed.

Lovers’ Mood

Do you want to send messages privately? The town of Salem’s Coven extension has a mood it calls Lovers mood. During this mood, you can send whispers to another player’s security. And nobody will see your whispers.

Whispering as Per Your Role

Are you may already know, Town of Salem has various roles. Players play as per their specific roles. Here is how to whisper according to your role in the Town of Salem.

#1 Towne

As a Towne, you can whisper to a fellow Towne of your town. You can reveal to them your roles and get to build a strong bond. This will help you stay stronger against Godfather, Mafia, and Neutral enemies. However, you want to be careful and whisper only to a conformed Towne. 

#2 Town Investigator

You can whisper to town members to help you investigate an evil player. You may reveal your current role to town members if you get extra help to lynch a player. As a town investigator, you can use whispering to investigate a player’s role. But they can also lie to you.

#3 Blackmailer

A Blackmailer gets to read others’ messages when after they die. As a Blackmailer, you can contact Mafia to help you grow.

#4 Executioner

As an executioner, you can investigate, or make investigators suspicious by simply whispering to them.

#5 Jester

As a Jester, you get to whisper and spam among Towne. You can also make other players doubt you. Jester is a character yearning to be lynched because he’s so paranoid that he wants to get everything away. Even if it’s in a fake way.

#6 Witch

Witches like finding non-Towne members. They then whisper to them asking them if they could join the witch’s team. The Witch is a neutral evil whose only interest is harming other players with her magic power.

#7 Godfather

As a Godfather, you can also contact teammates via whispering. You can talk about your current plan or even the previous one.

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