How To Get Food Out Of Wisdom Teeth Holes – Easy Methods

It is a very annoying and uncomfortable feeling when food gets stuck in a tooth hole. It is even worse when it’s a wisdom teeth hole since it’s the last of our teeth and not easy to reach out to. But for some space crunch in the jaw, it is often difficult to fit in the last four teeth properly and that’s where the problem begins. That’s when we need to know how to get food out of wisdom teeth holes.

Tips and Tricks of How to get food out of Wisdom Teeth Holes

If there is a real shortage of space, your dentist may ask you to remove the wisdom tooth. Removal of wisdom teeth happens through moderate surgery performed by specialists. While healing from the surgery we often experience a swollen clot in the wounded area because of the stitch. Now at this point, you may find food stuck in the hole. It is not recommended to remove the particle unless it’s too uncomfortable for you. If so, you must extract the food particle with utmost safety and care, or else the wounded area might get affected. 

Using sharp-edged instruments, fingers ad tongues are strictly prohibited in this case. 

How to get food out of wisdom teeth hole

Go through the full article to learn the tricks of how to get food out of wisdom teeth holes.

#1 Method: Rinse with mouthwash

We all have mouthwashes at home. When in this situation, use mouthwash to gently get food out of wisdom teeth holes. Do not use it just after the surgery. Wait for 24 hours at least and then do it. Also, if you have any particular mouthwash recommended by your dentist, use that only. 

#2 Method: Warm water Spray

If you have a spray bottle at home, fill it with warm water, hold it near your teeth hole and keep watering the food particle from all possible directions. This will help lift it out. 

#3 Method: Use a Syringe

This is even a better option than a spray bottle. If you have a syringe at home, just do the same as a spray bottle and wait for the results. Although, don’t hold the syringe too close to the wounded area. 

#4 Method: Cotton Swab

First things first, this technique is only for those who had their surgeries at least a week back. Get a cotton ball or pad and gently brush the wounded area. Be careful about the particle getting into the whole all over again. 

#5 Method: Water Flosser

This is also recommended after a few weeks of surgery. Do not use it just after the operation or it may cause severe damage to the wound. Before taking any decision, talk to your dentist. But if you’re using it, whenever, be careful and gentle. This helps to create a flow of water within the tooth hole to dissolve the food particle. 

#6 Method: Rinse with Herbal Tea

Add some herbal tea to lukewarm water and rinse the area with this mixture. This method works to get food out of the Wisdom Teeth Hole.

#6 Method: Rinse with saltwater

Although I don’t prefer this technique because the wounded area may hurt because of salt, this is a recommended way out. Take 8 ounces of lukewarm water and mix 1 tablespoon of salt into it. Then gently wash your mouth with the solution. Repeat up to 5 times. 

#7 Method: Use Brush

If it has been more than a week since your surgery, you can try brushing the tooth hole gently to remove the food particle. Don’t forget to use extra soft strokes while brushing.

how to get food out of wisdom teeth hole

Things to Remember, If Food Is Stuck Between Wisdom Teeth

Healing from the surgery takes up to some weeks. This period is very important and needs lots of attention. If a person is careful, there are lesser chances of food particles getting stuck in the wisdom teeth holes. Below I have mentioned some points to remember to prevent such things.

Concluding points on How To Get Food Out Of Wisdom Teeth Holes:

  • Get yourself a soft food diet chart after your surgery. Do not eat anything that needs much chewing. A liquid and semi-liquid diet are the best option for this period. Avoid any kind of meat, hard fruits, dry fruits, hot drinks, etc. Boiled eggs, creamy soup, mashed potatoes, yogurt, smoothies, etc are safe to eat. 
  • A sterile gauze pad is necessary to keep the wisdom tooth hole safe.
  • Avoid smoking till the complete recovery. 
  • Try not to chew near the hole
  • Clean your mouth with mouthwash every time after eating.

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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