How to Fix android.process.acore Stopped Working Error?

If you use Android devices, there are high chances you have seen the error message, “Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped.” While it is an annoying error message that leaves you wondering what happened, there are easy fixes for it. If you know what causes the error in the first instance, you will understand what you need to do when it happens. This is why in this article we will discuss why the error occurs and then suggest fixes to solve these issues. 


The android.process.acore error is caused by a problem with the contacts stored in the Android device. Usually, these contacts are in your device, email, or any other contacts synced to your Android device. Now that you know this, we will go ahead and discuss the solutions to fixing this error.

Steps to Fix android.process.acore error

1. Clear Your Contacts’ Data

This is one of the simplest solutions as all you will need to do is go to the settings of your device and click on the “Contacts Sync Adapter”. Click on the “Clear Data” option. After doing this, the android.process.acore should go away. In case you are not successful, you should try out the next fix.

2. Clear Your Cache

You just have to clear your cache of the application. If you are using the contact app, for example, the Contact List, you will just clear the cache and the error should clear. The first thing you will do is go to the settings of the Android device, go to the “Application Manager” and click on “Contacts App”. You will see a “Clear Data” or “Clear Cache” option. Click on either of the options and restart your device. Once the device is back on, the problem should be fixed. 

3. Clear Your Facebook Messenger’s Data

Data that comes from Facebook Messenger could be the cause of the problem since the Messenger contacts are synced to the contacts on your device. So if the above fixes do not work, clearing the data on Facebook Messenger will help a great deal. All you need to do is go to the Settings of the Android device. Go to the “Application Manager” and click on the “Messenger App”. Follow the same procedure as mentioned above by clicking on the “Clear Data” or “Clear Cache” option.

4. Reset the App Preferences

If the above does not fix the issue, you need to visit HP Customer Support. One of the solutions they suggest is clicking on the Settings of the device and going to the “Application Manager” and clicking on the “Reset App Preferences”. Once you have done this, you need to restart your device to effect the changes.

5. Clearing Your System Partition’s Cache

This fix involves cleaning the cache on the system partition by turning off your device first. You will then press the volume, power, and home keys at the same time. You will then go to the “Android System Recovery” where you will the option of “Wipe Cache Partition” when you scroll down. You will need to reboot your device after. The system partition cache will be wiped out and this will get rid of the error.

6. Clear Google Play’s Cache

Sometimes Google Play errors play a part in causing the android.process.acore error. The same process we have mentioned before, first, go to the settings of the Android device and select “Application Manager”, click on “Google Play” and “Clear Data” or “Clear Cache”. Do not forget to restart the device.

7. Factory Reset Your Android Device

If none of the mentioned fixes work, you will then need to factory reset the Android device. This naturally wipes out all the data and apps from your device and you will have to start afresh. Therefore, it is recommended that you back up all the data and files you deem important before factory resetting your Android device. 

For to do this, you will go to the settings of the device and click on “Backup and Reset” then “Factory Reset”. Once done, reboot your device to effect these changes. Since this fix means wiping out all of your data, we recommend that you do it as a last resort if all the other fixes do not work.


As you can see, it is not hard to fix the android.process.acore problem. All you need to do is apply the above fixes. Try the simpler fixes before you get to the advanced ones. The Factory Reset fix should be used as a last resort to avoid wiping out all your data. Go back to our home page.

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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About the Author: Andrew

Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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