How to Bring Creativity Back and Fuel Your Writing

How to Foster Creativity in Essay Writing

Writer’s block is real, and you don’t have to be a professional writer to experience it. Sometimes students procrastinate or simply feel lost as soon as they start writing. There are tons of reasons why this might be happening to you. However, it’s better to focus your attention on solving the problem rather than seeking the reason for it.

Your goal must be to foster creativity and improve your concentration. If you manage to do so, the high chances are that writing won’t be a challenge for you anymore.

We have reached out to a professional writer from the company offering essay service online EssayHub and other types of academic support to find out how they boost their creativity and productivity. After all, these people write essays for a living; they must know how to deal with procrastination and work effectively.

Below are a few tips one of the experts, Mark Bradford, gladly shared with us.

Look for Examples

To be successful in writing, you must be dedicated to continuous learning. That means you must learn from the best all the time. Professionals recommend starting by learning from essay samples written by experienced writers.

However, you must not copy that content under any circumstances. You can only use samples to improve your understanding of the topic, develop your own voice, and regain creativity. If you use one’s ideas without referencing them, it’s nothing but plagiarism.

Request Help

If you feel stuck and need external help to get back to essay writing, do not hesitate to ask for it. You can check an essayservice review by EssayReviews if you still hesitate about what company to address. Professional writers and customer support will help you figure out where to look for creativity sources.

Moreover, some of the services essay writing companies offer are absolutely free. All you have to do is visit their website to find the academic help you need.

Take Notes of Your Ideas

Sometimes creative ideas come unexpectedly. Often, they come at the wrong time and in the wrong place. However, if you don’t take notes of them, you may forget what you were going to write about in a second.

That’s why you’d better be prepared to take notes whenever an interesting idea hits upon you. Download a note-taking app or use your recorder to get it saved somewhere on your device. You must have something to get back to once you are comfortable to start writing.

Do Not Reject Freewriting

Freewriting is not acceptable in academic writing. You cannot write whatever and however you want because essays usually have a standardized structure. However, you can use freewriting to fuel your creativity and innovation. After all, you can always convert your ideas into a form accepted by schools.

Some people find this method super-effective. You first write whatever you want and however you see fit. Then, you transform it into an essay following all those rules and requirements. In the end, you get a killer essay worthy of the highest grade.

Do Not Multitask

Multitasking kills creativity. We are all trained to multitask, and we see this skill in every job posting we can find. However, working on several assignments at the same time is not natural to our brain. We need to focus on one thing to do it right.

Thus, if you feel you are losing creativity, try to minimize the workload. It might be the most effective way to bring your creativity back.


Nothing helps regain your creativity better than brainstorming. Read more about the topic or look for a few things you find interesting to discover. Dig deeper to identify new facts and information. Finally, take notes of every interesting thought or idea you had during the process.

Also, you can take the opposite approach and distract yourself from writing if you feel up to it. Use various intellectual games and apps to change your thinking process and challenge your brain. If you succeed, you’ll be surprised by how effective your essay writing becomes.

Engage in Mind-Mapping

If you find it hard to create a great outline for your essay, first draw it. You just need a few colored pens and a piece of paper to convert keywords and ideas in your head into an essay outline.

Draw and write whatever you imagine when you think of your essay. Take control of even those thoughts that you find overwhelming. Do not let anything interrupt your creative process. As soon as you catch the concept, creating a proper outline and writing a full-sized essay will get easier.


Essay writing is one of the most popular ways to check student knowledge and evaluate their progress. But writing is not an easy process, considering all its formalities and rules.

That’s why it’s okay to feel a lack of initiative sometimes. Even the greatest writers have it. Yet, you must know a few tips on how to foster creativity. Certain techniques and methods can help you refocus while fueling your desire to write.

After all, regaining creativity is possible even if it feels difficult to do.

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