How NetBase Social Media Analytics Help You Achieve Your Business Goals

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The collection and analysis of data on social media interactions can help your business to understand how well your online marketing and promotion campaigns run.

The replies or comments made, updates shared or any other interactions on social media platforms relating to your product or services are vital in assessing your prospective and loyal consumers’ responses to your ads, promotions, and brand.

Analyzing the metrics on activities in such platforms can also help you make decisions on how to alter and improve your online presentation and promotion of your brand, products, and services. Read on to get insightful tips on how NetBase social media analytics can benefit your business.

Why is SMA Beneficial to Your Business?

SMA Reveals the Best Performing Social Media Networks for Your Business

Social media platforms are designed to work in varying ways and not all of the platforms will work well for your type of business. Instagram may have approximately 800 million users, but if most of your consumers and prospective clients are on other platforms such as Snapchat, then using Instagram may not yield the best results for you.

The idea here is not to use a social media platform because it has many users. Instead, choose a platform that most of your prospective clients are likely to join. Sometimes even small social media networks such as Tumblr and Google+ may be more effective in reaching out to people.

You can find the best network that suits your campaign by experimenting and using SMA tools to determine, which platform gets you the most traffic or consumer engagement. You can use the acquired results to determine the kind of sites where you should spend more time and effort. Ideally, you should get an SMA tool that shows results for many metrics.

SMA Helps Your Business to Understand the Competitors

Businesses in your niche often sell services and products that are similar to what your business offers. More often than not, they’ll also use social media platforms to market their offers.

Using SMA tools and techniques your business can determine how these online platforms work for your competitors. The insights gained can help you choose the platform with the best results in marketing or promoting your brand.

SMA Helps You to Understand Your Clientele

By analyzing shares, likes, updates, comments, and other metrics you’ll get to know what your online audience likes. The insights gained can help you to know what to post when to post, and how to create your content. It’s often a waste of effort to post at night when most of your clients are offline. Ideally, you should know when most of your clients are awake, alert, and online.

These are the best times to post because you’ll get the highest viewership from your audience. Such proper timing may get you the highest traffic, leads, sales, and engagement. The analyzed metrics may also help you to find the active and ideal kind of demographic groups to focus on while posting on social media platforms.

Social Media Analytics Can Help You in Crafting Better Content

Content created and posted on your online platforms attracts followers and elicits some engagement. Monitoring your content and the level of engagement it generates among your audience can help you to know the best content, which draws the greatest followers and more engagement.

For example, YouTube videos may attract more prospective clients and lead to more sales than text-based posts. By using social media page analytics you’ll get to know the best kind of content to create.


If you’d like to create an effective online marketing campaign or promotion you’ll have to hire an SMA company such as NetBase. NetBase specializes in social media analysis, and it provides SMA tools, which can help you to track activities across multiple social media platforms.

Apart from providing the tools and training on how to use them, NetBase also helps its clients in formulating social media marketing strategies that are based on results from complete online analyses of your company’s online campaign.

Once you get an ideal SMA company, ensure that it also provides social media analytics tools, which are simple to use and effective. Ideally, such tools should at least have features that enable them to analyze followers, draw comparisons across different social media platforms, and analyze the outreach and reception level of posts.

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