How Fashion Nova and Megan Thee Stallion Collaborated on Jeans for Tall Women

Fashion Nova and Megan Thee Stallion Collaborated on Jeans

Fashion Nova is undoubtedly the 2020’s It Retailer for fast fashion.  They’ve taken Instagram by storm, embracing racially diverse, curvaceous models and featuring their fans on the regular.   

Fashion Nova customers have intense loyalty.  And their loyalty quickly brought Fashion Nova to the top and toe-to-toe with long-time fast fashion favorites H&M and Zara.  

Fashion Nova regularly partners with over 3,000 Instagram influencers that their fan base adores.  Features rounded backsides, stunning curves, and sexy struts.  The brand is no stranger to celebrity partnerships.  Both of Cadi B’s exclusive lines set sales records by selling out almost instantaneously after their drops in 2018 and 2019.  

So when rapper, Meghan Thee Stallion, announced that she will be partnering with Fashion Nova to create a line of jeans for fellow “stallions” aka tall girls with curves.  You’d better believe that fans went wild.  

The line, Thee Jeans, will be tailor-made for curvaceous booties and tall girls 5’10” and up.  Hot Girl Meg and Fashion Nova will be sure that tall girls everywhere feel the love with a drool-worthy line of sexy stallion denim.     Twenty-five-year-old rapper Megan Thee Stallion has been outspoken about her height and build throughout her career, and credits her tall stature and eye-catching curves as the inspiration behind her stage name.

A recent Instagram post of Hot Girl Meg, with her backside to the camera and a flirty look on her face, accentuating her curves in a pair of skin-tight, hip-hugging, curve-loving, Fashion Nova jeans was captioned “That quarantine 15” and garnered more than 1.2 million likes and over 10,000 comments.   

“Quarantine 15” references the popular phrase being used in regards to extra weight grained from as a result of being stuck inside due to the COVID pandemic, but Hot Girl Meg’s 10,000 fans were left drooling over Stallions curves as her luscious derriere caused her skin tight jeans to nearly burst at the seams.  As expected, fans were quick to reply that Stallion’s “quarantine 15” was the hottest fifteen they’d ever seen.

Meg’s 11 million plus followers couldn’t get over her sexy shots and quickly left more than 10,000 comments.  Many commented on the choice of NSFW language as they drooled over the sex appeal Meg oozed through Fashion Nova’s skin-tight hip-hugger denim.

Fashion Nova and Megan Thee Stallion Collaborated on Jeans

Stallion has a massive contingent of fans that give her extra love because of her body positivity.   Fans adore her for her honesty and because of the way she embraces and flaunts her tall, curvaceous body with zero shame.  

And if you’re wondering how your curves stack up to Hot Girl Megs and if the new Fashion Nova jeans might be for you, she explained, “sometimes [she] wear[s] a size 11 and their jeans always fit my butt perfectly.”  

When fans fawned over her jeans in the comments Hot Girl Meg was quick to reply, explaining that “their jeans always fit [her] butt perfectly, but it’s a real gamble with the length lol.”  

Tall, curvy girls everywhere rejoiced when Meg snuck into her an announcement of her upcoming Fashion Nova collab as she replied to a fan’s comment on Instagram.  She wrote, “When the world goes back to normal I’m working with them to make longer jeans for us tall girls.”

Meg chatted with fans in the over 10,000 comments that graced her post explaining that it’s been hard for her to find jeans that worked both for her 5’10” frame and her luscious curves.  

Her fans were quick to agree, “YESSSSSSS CAN’T WAIT,” replied one, “US TALL GIRLS ARE READY.”  “Us tall girls appreciate you,” said another.   

Based on Insta comments alone, it’s safe to say that once these jeans finally launch they’ll be snatched up by waiting fans in record time. 

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