Home Depot Truck Rental: Is this the Best in the Market?

Most of the people who have moved have experienced the couch not being able to fit in the truck rental. Here is where Home Depot will help you out. Home Depot Truck Rental offers you large and long-distance trucks to help you move and save money while at it.

The Home Depot Truck Rental is in 2 different systems depending on whether you are staying locally or moving across states. If you only need a small vehicle for a local project you have, then you need the branded vans from Home Depot. You will need to reserve the van before and you are allowed to rent the van for only 1 hour and returned to the location you picked it up from.

For the longer distances, multi-day move, then you might need a larger truck and Home Depot will provide a Penske truck. All you need to do is visit the Home Depot Truck Rental website online and pay for the days you will need the truck. Once done, you will return the truck to the nearest Home Depot. You have the convenience of picking up the truck at the same place you will get the packing boxes and tape.

There are different types of moving trucks including flatbed pickups, cargo vans and box trucks with different dimensions to suit all your needs. Home depot has seven distinct vehicles you can choose from. If the only things you need are some add-ons, you will be provided with these as well as helpers if you need a helping hand packing.

It is worth noting that there are protection options with the Home Depot Truck Rental. The plan will depend on whether it is a local move or an interstate one. For the vehicles branded Home Depot, there is an age requirement of at least 21 years. This means you need to have proof of own insurance as there are no additional insurance options. Someone at the Home Depot store will most likely encourage you to buy the Limited Damage Waiver which covers all loss or damage during the period of the rental.

The Home Depot Truck Rental is in such a way that you can move on your own because of the rental features. Usually, the pricing and quotes are the most dreaded part of any truck rental experience. However, at Home Depot, this is pretty simple to figure out. For the local moves, you will be charged by the hour, depending on the vehicle. It is $19-$29 for the first 75 minutes then an additional $5 for every 15 minutes after that.

For the long-distance, there is an online quote tool that does not need your personal contact information.


In conclusion, the Home Depot Truck Rental is the best truck rental company as there is price transparency. The reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis. If you require help, you can hire help and there are multiple truck sizes to suit all your needs. You can be able to move on your own without help when you get used to driving a large vehicle.

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