High School DxD Season 5 – Release Date, Cast & Everything You Need To Know

High School DxD features the amazing story of a character named Issei Hyodo who’s on the road to becoming a harem king. Killed by his first date, who was a fallen angel, Issei Hyodo is your normal perverted high-school student. He is later revived as a devil by Rias to serve her and her family. As the story progresses, so does the bond between Issei and Rias. That proves to be dangerous to the angels, the fallen angels, and the devils. It was first released in Fujimi Shobo’s Dragon Magazine in the September 2008 issue. The first volume’s release date was September 20, 2008.

High School DxD Season 5

A total of 20 volumes were released, and are available in Japan, as of March 2018. A manga adaption was released in the July 2010 issue of the Dragon Magazine, and later in the March 2011 issue of Monthly Dragon Age. As of now, there are a total of 22 volumes available.

An anime adaptation of the series by TNK first aired on AT-X and other networks from January 6, 2012, to March 23, 2012. It’s licensed in North America by Funimation, by Manga Entertainment in the UK, and by Madman Entertainment in Australia. 

As you’ve already guessed, the anime also features some “adult content”, so it may not be for everyone. But people love the show and have been dying for sequels. The series went smoothly until Season 2. But, Season 3 was a little unsatisfying and was out of context. However, Season 4 made up for it, and now, admirers are pumped for the new Season. Especially since Issei confessed his love for Rias.

Highschool DxD Season 5 – Release Date:

Admirers have been waiting far too long for the season. And, the manufacturers of the show have finally made some declarations about the show. They’ve revealed that the season would broadcast near the end of 2020. 

However, judging by the current situation, that might not happen as the current pandemic might extend the release date to 2021. But, it is entirely up to the new studio and its schedule.

highschool dxd season 5 release date

A Bit About Season 3

Season 3 was the worst season of the series because it deteriorated from the original storyline. Because of that, Season 3 failed miserably. Later, the series was moved to a different studio because of the failed Season. The previous studio couldn’t afford another season, so that’s one more reason for the change of studio.

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Highschool DxD Season 5 – Plot

The plot is somewhat interesting, especially because of what Season 4 ended on. We can safely speculate that the relationship between Rias and Issei will grow quickly. It’s also been hinted that Oppai Dragon’s hero will make an appearance in the new season. Although, the plot has been shut for now. So, for now, all this is just speculation. But, that just adds to what we can expect from the new season.

High School DxD Season 5

Highschool DxD Season 5 – Cast

The series had some remarkably interesting personalities locking the season. Most of them will make a return in the next Season. The characters Jaimie Marichi, Yoko Hikasha, Azumi Asakura, Yuki Kaja, and Josh Grelle are certain to make an appearance in Season 5. But, as for now, no new characters have been introduced for the new Season. So, it’ll mostly carry forward the characters from Season 4.


With the failure of Season 3, the series has been moved to a different studio and until now, Season 4, which was released by the new studio has fixed most of the problems created by the prior Season. Hence, admirers have great expectations from the new Season.

The series will carry forward the characters from Highschool Season 4 into Highschool dxd season 5, and no new characters have been introduced, as of yet. The series has been speculated to be released this year, but due to COVID-19, the date may be pushed to 2021.

Season 4 ended with Issei confessing his love for Rias, and the two shared a kiss in the ending scene. The new Season will pick up from that, and their relationship is likely to grow in the new Season. Whatever the case might be, Season 5 seems promising, and admirers can’t wait for it to be released.

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