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The untold story of Heidi Russo:-
Coming out as a famous NFL player’s biological mother is a scary feat. This is a story of how the world came to know Heidi Russo as Colin Kaepernick’s biological mother.

Who is Heidi Russo?

Heidi Russo was born in the United States of America in the year 1969 to parents Phyllis and James Zabranksy. Little is known about the details of her birth, her real ethnicity, or her actual place of birth. These details have been kept hidden from the public eye even in today’s time.

What is known about Heidi Russo is that she is currently working as a certified nurse in Denver, Colorado. She is also the co-founder of “Linked Thru Love”. “Linked Thru Love” is an advocacy group that aims to end the stigma and stereotypes surrounding adoption and biological mothers.

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In terms of Heidi’s personal life, she lives in Denver with her husband Heath Russo. They have three children whose names are Alex, Michael, and Ethan. Details about her children and her husband are a closely guarded secret as the family is very private about their life and little is shared with the press.

Why Heidi had to give Colin up for adoption

Giving a child up for adoption is a daunting thought for any parent, but some individuals are put in difficult decisions that give them no choice but to give their child away. This is what Heidi was faced with when she had to give her son Colin up for adoption.

Heidi Russo was pregnant during her teenage years. At the time she was dating an African-American boy who abandoned her once he found out about her pregnancy. Owing to the assumption that she did not have money for adoption or that during those times adoption was illegal, Heidi was left with no choice but to carry the pregnancy through.

Heidi Russo gave birth to Colin on the 3rd of November, 1987. At the time of giving birth, Heidi was only 19 years old. Although Heidi Russo was abandoned by the child’s biological father, she was given the promise of support by her parents but chose to not raise the child as her own.

The reason that Heidi Russo gave up her child despite receiving unparalleled support from her parents is simply that she presumed that she would have been an unfit mother had she had to raise Colin. Heidi thought that by giving up Colin, she would be able to allow him the chance to live a life she could never have provided for him.

Heidi Russo put her son up for adoption, and he was adopted by Rick and Teresa Kaepernick. Heidi kept in close contact with the couple, where they kept sending Hiedi Russo photos of Colin and keeping Heidi Russo up to date with Colin’s progress as he grew up. However, this story took a sad turn when Heidi lost contact with the couple after Colin turned seven.

Heidi’s harrowing tale of having to give up her son at such a young age was shown on Fox News 13. It was a televised interview that took place in Heidi’s home. It is clear in the interview that Heidi Russo has always felt the pain of having to give up her son. She mentioned that giving up her son is the hardest decision she has ever had to make.

Who is Heidi’s son, Colin Kaepernick and why is he famous?

When Heidi Russo gave birth to her son Colin in 1987, she never envisioned that her son would one day group up to be a famous NFL player.

Colin Kaepernick is well known for being an NFL player who has played as a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. His time with the 49ers is extremely well-known and resonated with all Americans throughout the country simply due to one incident.

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The incident that put Heidi’s son Colin on the forefront and in the eyes of every major news channel in the country was the incident in which Colin sat during the national anthem at one of his games. Usually, one is supposed to stand to salute the national anthem and show respect but Colin sat as an act of defiance.

Heidi’s son Colin’s act of defiance against the national anthem was an act of defiance that centered around the movement “Black Lives Matter. Colin knelt as a show of solidarity with the movement and wanted to show the world that he stands with this movement and supports all Africans living in the United States of America.

For Heidi’s son Colin, the act of defying the National Anthem as a half-Afro-American man himself was a big risk. In the United States of America, men and women of African-American heritage are often racially targeted and the subject of prejudice across the nation.

Colin who was born to Heidi Russo and an Afro-American man is lucky to have the opportunity to play for the NFL. He has been allowed to stand up for what he believes in, as well as the opportunity to make a difference in the world.

Hiedi’s relationship with her son Colin

Hiedi Russo was forced to give up her son at a very young age, and barely had any connection with her son other than the occasional update she used to receive from Colin’s adoptive parents.

It was always evident that Hiedi Russo wanted no part of Colin’s life, she was always wishful for her son and wanted the best for him. But she did have one hope, that her son would one day know who his birth mother is.

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Hiedi wrote a letter that was to be given to Colin on the day that Colin turned 18 years of age. After this Hiedi tried contacting her son several times but to no avail, she was never successful.

It is said that Colin never acknowledged his mother openly, and he was forced to acknowledge Hiedi Russo when she openly came out and declared that she is Colin’s biological mother.

Some criticize Hiedi, saying that she only contacted her son because of his fame. This might be true as Hiedi Russo was very forthcoming with her views on Colin’s actions of defiance by constantly posting about her views on Twitter.

When asked by the press whether Hiedi only reached out to Colin because she wanted to take advantage of his fame, Hiedi denied this. Hiedi always retires the point she always made that Colin will always be her son. To quote Hiedi, she said, “my family will always be family”.

However, Hiedi’s son does not share the same affection as his mother does. There have been several recounts in the press that Colin has never really acknowledged his mother. He often reiterated this point in the press saying that he feels no connection to his biological parents

It is no surprise that Colin would not want to acknowledge his birth mother Hiedi, after all, she did give him up and only tried to get back in his life once he had money. Colin’s relationship with his birth mother Hiedi is a complicated one, and one we hope the mother-son duo will work through for the sake of being mother and son.

How much is Heidi Russo worth?

Despite being the biological mother of a very famous NFL player, Heidi’s net worth is not known to the public, nor does she receive benefits from her son.

Considering that Heidi works as a nurse, it can be assumed that she earns a decent salary to be able to support herself and her family, especially since she is the mother to three children.

When looking at the overall statistics of what nurses can earn in the United States of America, the average wage is $75,000 per year. Judging from this, it is no surprise that Hiedi must be living a pretty decent life in Denver.

Follow Heidi on Social Media

Although Heidi was always private about her personal life, even when she was pregnant with Colin during her teenage years. It seems that now she is very open about her life across social media.

For individuals who are interested to follow up with Hiedi and her latest opinions on her son Colin, they are free to do so by following her Twitter account.

On Twitter, Hiedi is very active. She is constantly voicing her opinions about her son as well as sharing little anecdotes about her life. She has accumulated a following of 2,706 followers and seems to be active regularly.

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