Best 20 Hawaii Missile Alert Memes

Hawaii Missile False Alarm refers to an emergency alert residents of the state of Hawaii received, warning them on an impending “ballistic missile threat.” The alert created a panic in the state until the alert was deemed a false alarm about 30 minutes later. On January 13th, 2018, residents of the state of Hawaii received an emergency alert notification reading, “BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAIISEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTERTHIS IS NOT A DRILL.” There is an uproar of memes, check out the best below.

Hate when this happens


Press F to pay respects
Zero f**ks were given that day.

Oh shit!

Plausible excuse.
What would you do when a nuclear missile strikes?
Fake news
Nice message to wake up
How the ballistic missile alert in Hawaii was apparently sent… except that was a drop down menu.
This message was just sent out to everyone’s phones in Hawaii. Thankfully it was a false alarm.
This text is on the second spot on your top priority list.
The truth behind the missile alert
Well..maybe that’s not what happened

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