Gucci Mane Net Worth

Gucci Mane has an outstanding net worth of 12 million USD, all from his career as a professional rapper, his record label-‘La Flare’, and his clothing line-‘ Delantic Clothing’. It’s a wonder that Gucci Mane, born as Redric Delantic Davis, on the fateful day of 12th February 1980, turned out to be such a successful man, having worked several long-running gigs as a drug dealer in his adolescence and adulthood. 

Gucci Mane Net Worth

About Gucci Mane

His father was a drug dealer and his mother was an activist. Mane’s family has a very strong military background, and his father was stationed in Korea for two years. 

He has a more than rough childhood, which got him to do several unlawful acts. He was involved with drug dealing as a teenager, while his mom toiled to achieve her dreams. Mane’s life could have gone one of two ways. He carries a gun around from an early age and has been known to fire shots at people. Born in Bessemer, Alabama his parents split up due to tumultuous reasons. 

Where there is a storm, there is always an after-effect, and the consequence of all of Mane’s hardships is that he started to write raps to express himself at the very tender age of 14. While he wrote away his experiences to somehow adjust to his life in the ‘hood, he was nearly killed several times over drugs that fuelled wars and rival peddlers. 

He received a scholarship, being the smart kid he was, and graduated from McNair High School in 1998, with a scholarship to Georgia Perimeter College where he found his interests in the form of the stereotypical world of computer programming. Sadly, Mane did not last long in that college and was kicked out soon, for dangerous behavior and drug abuse. 

He was in and out of prison on various charges during 2014-2016, but this did not block his writing or curb his fame.

Gucci Mane released his first album, by himself, and called it ‘La Flare’. His seriousness in music took flight when he realized he didn’t want to spend his entire life shuffling in and out of prisons or county jails. He started his career with his self-released mixtape-‘La Flare’, and only a couple thousand of these were released to be sold. 

Later in life, when he created his record label, instead of joining somebody else’s record label, he decided to name that “La Flare” too. It must have felt like life coming full circle. 

In 2005, Mane released his debut album “Trap House”, and while it did not receive a lot of critical acclaim, it did gain him a lot of fans and overnight popularity as songs from his album climbed their way to the top on various charts, even Billboard Top 20 R&B/Hip Hop Albums.

Mane has been lucky enough and hardworking enough to have a dedicated fan following, who adore his music. People would agree that Gucci Mane is the man who brought Trap to the mainstream field of Hip Hop. While all this is a strong and undeniably great feat in itself, he has also worked with best-selling artists, including Drake, Mariah Carey, Lil Wayne, and Rae Sremmurd.

Conclusion- Gucci Mane’s Net Worth

Currently. Gucci Mane spends his days in a mansion worth 20 million USD, with 12 studio albums to his name and a great number of mixtapes. 

If there is one thing to learn from Gucci Mane’s life, then it is to not look back. No matter what happens, we need to keep moving forward and once we make decisions, we should stick to them without wondering what would have happened had we picked the other road.

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About the Author: Andrew

Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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