Great Remote Jobs that Aren’t a 9-to-5 Workday

Why bound yourself to a tedious 9 to 5 job when there is an endless world of opportunities in remote work? Online jobs are quite prevalent, and you can easily find what works best for you. All you have to do is acquire some of the in-demand skills, and you are set to apply for work-from-home job opportunities. If you have been working in the office and want to shift to online work, that’s simple. Your professional experience will be counted as a plus point. Even if you do not have previous experience, you can acquire useful skills and certification from authentic sources online. Hence, nothing can stop you from getting rid of a 9 to 5 job and working from home whenever you want. Here are the easy remote jobs that make good money and do not require a 9 to 5 workday. Let’s have a look!

Starting An OnlyFans Account

If you love to share your life updates and pictures with others, you can start an OnlyFans account and make money. OnlyFans provides a safe platform for artists and creators to showcase their unique content to viewers. You can easily create a free account on OnlyFans and start working as per your schedule. Depending on different features and the number of subscribers, you can earn on a daily or monthly basis. So anyone can make a good amount of money like some of the top free OnlyFans accounts do.


Up to $100,000 a year

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Companies hire a candidate as a translator who has a firm grasp of the language. Even a native language speaker cannot be a translator or interpreter unless they have the proper training. The main requirement for this job is to have excellent communication and reading skills. Fluency in at least two languages is a must. Accuracy is the key to maintaining this job because any change in content during the translation process will risk the integrity and quality of content. An excellent translator should be able to think fast and understand different accents, jargon, and colloquial terms for contextual accuracy.


  • A high school diploma is a must.
  • Previous experience as a translator is a plus point.
  • Fluent in a minimum of two languages.
  • Proof of language fluency.
  • Native level of fluency is a positive point.


  • Able to translate content accurately.
  • Live translations.
  • Able to work with audio and visual data as well as written material.
  • Cooperate with other interpreters to ensure the authenticity of translations.
  • Available to take assessment tests regularly to ensure a strong grasp of the language.
  • Teamwork.
  • Available to attend meetings regarding translation discussions.


Up to $70,000 per year

Remote Transcription Work

This is a very popular type of home-based job. Transcription is the process of listening to an audio file and writing down its content simultaneously. A beginner will only make a minimum wage. But the rate of success is high, and wages increase as you take up more and more transcription tasks. General transcription is the easiest because it does not require extra knowledge of specific work fields. However, other types of transcription, like legal or medical transcription, require proper certification and previous experience. Certificates can be acquired easily through online academies for free or at reasonable prices. Deadlines are mostly flexible but depend on the type of transcription work you are taking.


  • Moderate to high typing speed (mostly 60 words per minute).
  • A calm and quiet surrounding.
  • Properly working, high-quality headset.
  • Patience
  • Able to type constantly for long hours.
  • Specialized transcription software allows you to change speed and start and stop the audio at any point.
  • Although it is not the main requirement, a foot pedal is also an excellent investment to increase your productivity.



  • Reviewing the content for errors like grammatical, spelling, or formatting.
  • Punctuality for court hearings and other meetings.
  • Take typing drills regularly to keep your skills sharp.
  • In case of errors, clear communication with clients and supervisors.
  • Learn about new transcription software and take online courses.
  • Respect the privacy policy and guidelines to ensure the safety of sensitive content.


Up to $45,000 per year

Health Coach

People are becoming more health-conscious, and this is where online health coaches can help. They provide fitness and nutrition training. People used to go to gyms, but the trend of online training has increased since the pandemic started, and it has no signs of slowing down.

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  • A degree in physical education is a plus point.
  • Training and certification in nutrition, coaching, and fitness.
  • Know about sustainable health practices.
  • Compassion to help people.
  • Empathy
  • Organizational Skills
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Keeping up to date with new health concerns and their remedies through fitness coaching.


  • Show support and empathy toward clients during their journey of rehabilitation and recovery.
  • Prepare meal plans and fitness routines according to every client’s needs.
  • Arrange an early evaluation session to learn more about the client’s health and fitness level.
  • Cooperating with fellow health and fitness coaches.
  • Arrange motivational webinars to encourage people to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle.


Up to $100,000 per year.

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