Full Beard Styles for Men 2017 & 2018

Beards of all lengths are still a huge trend for 2015. If you’re growing a playoff beard, keep it! Here are some pictures of beard inspiration plus why you shouldn’t shave off your beard for summer. Check out these 3 models with full beards that will look great with shorts.

Nicholas Peters

Model Nicholas Peters is dressed for inclement weather but don’t shave off the beard because summer is coming! You don’t shave your head every time the weather heats up. Just like hair on the head, facial hair acts as a windbreaker but doesn’t insulate. Some men report feeling cooler with a beard in hot and humid weather because it creates shade.

Also, your beard will look it’s best in the summer months. Hair growth can be accelerated in summer due to more activity, a healthier diet, and all that sunshine. So this is the time to make the most of facial hair and grow your beard long.

For guys who want to skip the professional beard grooming, you can DIY.  At this length, model Lasse Larsen has a full, filled in a beard that is just long enough to care for with a beard trimmer. Set the guard and trim down the beard all to one length as required. Keep the mustache area full by cutting it separately with scissors or a longer clipper guard.

Beards can be as unique as hairstyles. This epic beard seen on model Joel Alexander is groomed is more square than round and wider than long. Like hair, beard shaping should be based on how your beard grows first, and then on what you want. If you’re not sure where to start, visit a barber or stylist to start to get a flattering shape that you can maintain.

When the playoffs are over, your beard can live on even if your championship dreams faded. A beard will look it’s best over the summer and is a stylish choice any time of year. Wear it short, long, or groomed into a distinct shape to suit your look.

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