FGO summer 2019 Event (US)- Fate/Grand: A Complete Guide


FGO is also known as fate grand order. It is a summer event rerun. This event will promote farming accompanied by 3 currencies. This event takes place for 7-days. This event happens at noon or night. On the last day, i.e. 7th day the primary loop occurs. In this, the masters can unlock craft essence. They will try to support the event points that are obtained. Several of them will delight in this recreation. Few of them would not enjoy it because of their low pull rate-up in domestic help. 

This rerun summer festival is also known as the epic quest.

Xia Pu Festival is replayed again in eight never-ending versions of FGO, also known as the epic mission beyond the deadline.

This main quest program is hindered by the total event points collected. 

This event will accumulate three event models and three event points. When replaying, the drop rate of free missions in the store and credits increases moderately, and the rewards of servants’ points are increased or expanded by 10% across the board, making the cultivation of this activity a bit simpler. There are free quests at noon and free quests at night. The night is the main quest, it applies from days 2 to 6, and repeats as above. Day 7 is considered a special posting date with no free quests

The time loop will begin over from the 1st day after finishing a publishing quest or the main quests. Every central hunt highlights a particular day and time that it resembles, many of which also need a particular number of whole experience points to be outstretched thereon day and time for the hunt to develop. Free quests must be ready to force time to proceed. The additional tasks must be recorded because they will only occur during main quest time slots and cannot be applied to bypass the complementary goal period. There are two portions to the walkthroughs.

This is because the main quests are mostly static and are performed, while the free quests and farming progress are highly dependent on the roster of each master using the servant or CE.

Even if you rely on the exact number of runs lined up in the free quest section, the most important recommendations apply to all masters.

fgo summer 2019

Common tips

If you buy the event shop CEs first then the free quest walkthrough manifests a technique that tries to get CEs rapidly while maximizing point gains. The first instance of the Farming Free Quest requires enough points until a certain day or hour to proceed with the main quest, so you can skip and leave the quest without any lower AP difficulty. 

If the goal is not reached on time, the free task must be repeated to advance the time until you return to the due date. To keep away from having the loop extra times before the main quest completion, meeting point conditions as soon as possible are endorsed. Evaluate the occasion reward workers, as they often assist you to get much more credit of all types. 

Consider event bounty hunters as they will help increase the drop for all kinds of points. The progress of the free quests will depend a lot on the master’s roster and the number of event bonuses they can accumulate with their minions and CE.

The accurate number of runs may differ, even though the total farming order recommendation worlds for all masters. If deleting the node with the highest difficulty turns out to be too difficult, it is important to run the node with the lowest difficulty in the same place. To attain the aim, further executions may be necessary.

A few kinds of quests are as follow:

Honolulu airport – crunch time

Since the number of free tasks that can be run between each main task section is limited, it is best to skip the less difficult tasks at first. You can complete the low AP task later to get a clear reward. The second time, it may be worth buying CE from the store again. The objective of finishing the tower is quite high while being able to obtain a given accurate return facilitates clearing the scale more quickly.

Coco-Head Crisis Time You can get to this stage before Coco’s head opens. Especially for second-timers with high drop bonuses. You can get to this stage before Coco’s head opens. Especially for second-timers with high drop bonuses. In this case, get a third copy of Watershine back to Waikiki Boulevard before going back to the current stage.

It’s decision time at Pristine Beaches.

The eventual purpose of completing all of the easiest journeys made of gold fruits.

It’s playoff time in Honolulu.

Because all missions have the same loss rate, the objective with one of the most favorable resources supplies or store cash can be preferred. Hawaii is a famous place since it yields the foreign God’s guts, but experts could choose to harvest a generation. The free quests at a glance table contain a complete list of quests and drops. Even during the segment, it is also quite probable that at least one more mission will emerge. These offer boundaries that define and appear after surpassing specific point criteria.


Currently, agriculture often takes place in selected locations, preferring supported currency drop bonuses. Stacking single drop bonuses is easier and more effective to farm one bill type at a time. Aim for nodes to also place points of the kind you still need. If the points are shorter than the currency, the last 3 nodes in the column after part 1 excel by 33% points and the currency is also technically superior, not stacking a single currency CE bonus.

Reruns are available with a set of additional farming quests after the last round is over. Furthermore, the champions get judged based just on the winning team after every round. The option nodes for cultivating each currency are different for each model. At the end of each round, the owner earns 10,000 QP for each support point accumulated during that round.

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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