Fallout 4 Companions – Guide How to Build Relationships Strong

Are you wondering how you can build your relationships strong with a fallout 4 companion? It is true; building a solid relationship, especially with first acquaintances is hard. You need to understand some little nuggets to make everything run perfectly. 

Fallout 4 Companions

Therefore, if you are looking forward to acquainting some data concerning fallout 4 companions, we got you covered. In this article, we’ve done the hard part and compiled a detailed guide to help you build your strong relationship with Fallout 4 companions. 

That said: if you are yearning to boost your strong relationship with your companion or something that interests you. It is your responsibility to travel with a companion most of the time. Traveling with them helps them acclimatize with you and observe your behavior. Therefore, they can rate your conduct when they travel along and stay around you.

However, if you think you want to do something that will offend them, you can send them the way. Your ill acts can make them reluctant to build a strong relationship with you. 

On the other hand, fallout 4 has some striking traits that make them friendly and enable them to build a relationship even with their companions across the Wasteland Boston. Besides, they also come with some advantages that you can unleash when you think you have attained the maximum level. Also, their nuanced attributes can take your time to shape them the way you want. 

There are different Fallout 4 companions with varying personalities. That’s to means, it can be heart-wrenching tasks to make them build a firm relationship with you. Sounds weird, right? Don’t worry, in this article, we’ve highlighted the perks and downsides that will help you speed up your firm relationship. 

Also, you might end up building a romance with them if your conduct and remarks are charming to them. With the above information in your fingerprint, let’s explore various Fallout 4 companions you need to know this year. 

Fallout 4 Companions


Codsworth has a precious value that didn’t fade away even after the Great War more so when his blade in grave battle was deeply managed. Therefore, you might encounter some problems when you try to choose between Codsworth and Dogmeat as your Fallout companion.

Codsworth is majorly situated on the sanctuary, and outside your residence. Also, Codsworth is accompanied by traits such as kindness, and generosity, and he adores when you try and restructure weapons, donate items, armor, and healing Dogmeat. 

On the other hand, Codsworth dislikes selfishness. Besides, it dislikes the utilization of chemicals, stealing acts, non-hostiles traits, and murder. Some of the companion merits include sympathy, which requires utmost affinity with Codsworth. 


It is easy to build a strong relationship with Strong because it majorly witnesses acts of kindness. That means: if you can manage to collaborate with Synth and Ghoul, you can probably handle your relationship with a Super Mutant. 

These companions are essential because they can help you level the playing ground in a crunch of time. 

Strong is ultimately located in Trinity Tower. Besides, Strong adores it when someone murders non-hostiles and eats corpses. In addition, Strong abhors meanness and selfishness among other traits. He also dislikes when someone utilizes pick locks, power armor, or Vertibird. 

However, when your health is not above 25% and more war weapons are damaged, hence, strength will require a maximum affinity.


Cait is another companion which is laced with emotional pieces of stuff and demons as well. Cait justifies destructive conduct, and vices but doesn’t think that’s always her trait. 

Also, Cait is characterized by some nuggets of temper. However, she appreciates having a partner to associate with.

She is situated in the Combat Zone, especially in the theater district of Boston.  

Cait likes when you walk in the nude around her, steal and drink booze. Also, Cait doesn’t adore it when you donate items or utilize chemicals. Nonetheless, this changes after finishing the Benign Intervention quest. Another thing Cait dislikes is corpses eating and killing non-hostiles. 

Cait permits you to romance her.

Final Thoughts

Each Fallout 4 companion embraces some unique traits that distinguish one from another. Some companions permit you to romance with them while others don’t give you room for such. Also, you might find companions such as Strong adores it when someone murders non-hostiles and eat corpses, and Codsworth dislikes the utilization of chemicals, any stealing acts, non-hostiles traits, and murder among others. 

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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