Can You Drink Energy Drinks While Pregnant?

Energy Drinks While Pregnant: We drink energy drinks to increase body strength, sharpen mental focus and lead a healthy life. But there are many questions like if energy drinks could be consumed while pregnant. 

We will talk about the effects and causes of consuming energy drink while pregnant.

energy drinks while pregnant

Are ‘energy drinks while pregnant’ recommended?

Doctors and nutritionists do not really recommend energy drinks to the pregnant women. Since most of the energy drinks contain high caffeine, it is not good for a mother-to-be’s health. Almost all the energy drink companies discourage pregnant women from consuming their drink by putting up labels on the cans or bottles of their products. 

We will now discuss some common ingredients of energy drinks that might harm pregnant women. 

What are the health concerns of consuming energy drinks while pregnant?

The pregnant women grow placenta in their uterus that helps supplying food and oxygen to the baby through the umbilical cord. The nutrients of the food get passed on to the baby this way including the ingredients of the energy drink, if consumed.

But many studies and researches have suggested that caffeine is not recommended for a pregnant woman and her baby. As different energy drinks have different amount of its ingredients, it is nearly impossible to speculate each products individually. However, most of the health physicians, doctors and scientists agree to the fact that energy drinks are not suitable for women expecting babies. 

Stress is one of the negative effects of consuming energy drinks while pregnant

In the laboratories, many experiments have been performed regarding this particular issue. A group of scientists once tested some pregnant mice by giving them small amount of energy drink. But the newborns had anxiety, oxidative stress and tissue injury. The researchers concluded that although the experiment was taken place on mice, it is equally harmful for humans as well.

energy drinks while pregnant

Heart disease can occur, if you consume energy drinks while pregnant

Many researches have shown that people who drink energy drinks suffer from cardiovascular responses. Although the results depend on the type of energy drinks they consume. 

In some of the researches, experts concluded that energy drinks escalates blood pressure and heartbeat in human bodies. This is why doctors do not recommend energy drinks for pregnant women because it might affect their blood pressure and heartbeat which is not good for the newborn. 

What are the problematic ingredients that stop doctors from recommending energy drinks while pregnant?

The ingredients in the energy drinks while pregnant depend on the manufacturers. Different companies use different ingredients for their respective energy drinks. But it is difficult to speculate the ingredients that may cause adverse symptoms. Some of the problematic ingredients are discussed below;

  1. Caffeine: Caffeine is one of the most common ingredients used by almost all the energy drink manufacturers. But consumption of caffeine during pregnancy is strictly prohibited. Most of the energy drinks contain 70mg to 240 mg caffeine and it is a big no-no for the pregnant women. The overdose of caffeine can give rise to psychosis, irregular heartbeats and seizures. 

Mitchell, the expert from The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology says “Too much caffeine can raise blood pressure and heart rate. It affects the nervous system and can cause irritability, nervousness and sleeplessness”. He further states that “The evidence of caffeine use in pregnancy is not conclusive, so it’s best to limit’.

  1. Artificial Sweeteners: Most of the energy drinks contain added artificial sweeteners with low to zero Calorie. There are many artificial sweeteners among which saccharin is not recommended as energy drinks while pregnant women.
  1. Sugar: The energy drinks that don’t contain artificial sweetener add sugar to it. But consuming excessive amount of dietary sugar contributes to excessive weight gain. People suffering from gestational diabetes should not be consuming dietary sugar on a regular basis.
 energy drinks while pregnant
energy drinks while pregnant
  1. Ginseng: Many experiments have concluded that Ginseng is an Asian herbal supplement that causes birth defects. The side effects of Ginseng are,
  • Fluctuation of blood pressure
  • Appetite Loss
  • Breast pain
  • Headaches
  • Digestive symptoms
  • Menstrual Complications
  • Insomnia
  • Increased Heart Rate

Due to all these inconveniences, doctors and experts recommend to avoid consuming Ginseng during pregnancy.

  1. Taurin: Taurin is an essential amino acid found in the animal-based foods but some of the energy drinks also contain taurin. The doctors and the experts say that it is fine to consume taurin through food that naturally contains this element in it. But consuming a single amino acid like taurin can affect the metabolism and kidneys which means its best to avoid taurin during pregnancy. 
  1. Guarana: Guarana is a type of caffeine sourced from the plants. But, Guarana plant contains the amount of four times more caffeine than the coffee beans. And due to this excess caffeine amount it is not recommended for pregnant women. These are some important factors need to be fulfilled as energy drinks while pregnant.

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