Elite Paycheck Plus Card: What it is And How does it work?

An Elite Paycheck Plus card provides advantages such as setting up direct deposits, collecting tax refunds or other government payouts, and also instant success to cash at in-network ATMs. You can make purchases anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted in person, online, or via your phone. The Elite Paycheck Plus card has numerous lifestyle-enhancing features. It is free and has unlimited access as you can make purchases with or without cashback.

Elite Paycheck plus card

You are also able to withdraw cash over the counter in 98,000 bank branches worldwide. For security purposes, there is a requirement for a signature or PIN for debit purchases. Shopping and paying of bills can be done anywhere Visa debit cards are usually accepted.

Paying bills now has become quicker, easier, and cheaper than money orders using the Elite Paycheck Plus card. You can pay bills online or via your phone to any service provider. Fact that there is a paper trail, you can track payment history.

Advantages of the Elite Paycheck Plus Card

One of the most notable advantages is that their Elite Paycheck Plus cards are an all-point surcharge-free ATM network. There is also access to money orders if you obtain an Elite Paycheck Plus card. You are also able to do cash withdrawals at ATMs worldwide. There is also cash back with purchases at any of the participating merchant locations deposited monthly. You will also enjoy the fact that there are no points, no coupons, and no strings attached.

You can also be able to do your savings through your Elite Paycheck Plus card. The savings account is free to every cardholder and it accumulates interest. If you want to transfer money from savings accounts, there is an automatic transfer option. The savings account also helps to prepare for any unexpected expenses.

The other feature of the Elite Paycheck Plus card is that there is an online and IVR setup. You can instantly check balances by sending a text to a number provided. If you want to load and low balance alerts, you can set your account to send you. This option is free, quick, and easy making it ideal for all cardholders.

How to Get Information on Elite Paycheck Plus 

If you visit the Elite Paycheck Plus website, you will get all the guidance you need on the card features, how to easily use the card, and other helpful tips. You can also check your account balance and the activity of the account. You can also be able to retrieve the monthly statement and account history. On the website, updating PINs and addresses is also possible. If there are new card features you would like to add to the card, you can easily do this online.

If you decide to use your phone, you will get access to the self-service automated IVR and live service 24/7. You can also easily report any lost or stolen cards for replacement. If you want to dispute any transactions, the best way to do so is via your phone.


In conclusion, the Elite Paycheck Plus card is a service you want to subscribe to as you can put into good use the money you save from the free transactions. The convenience you will enjoy from the card is unparalleled.

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