Effective Techniques To Supercharge Competitive Social Fundraising

Fundraising is essential for any non-profit organization. Regardless of how important the service that is offered, people need to be made aware of the issues and encouraged to donate. Without these donations, the non-profit would be unable to survive.

There are approximately 257,000 non-profit organizations operating in Australia, which means you need to supercharge your fundraising to ensure you get the funds you need. This is especially important when tackling social fundraising, the potential audience is huge. But, so is the competition.

Fortunately, there are ways you can rise above the crowd.

Give A Prize

People donate to a worthy cause, especially if they can see themselves benefitting from that cause, such as funding the surf lifesavers that monitor so many Australian beaches. To raise awareness and increase donations it is advisable to offer something in return.

For example, the Surf Life Saving Foundation offers a prize home lottery. You purchase tickets that help fund the life-saving work they do. In return, one lucky winner gets a house. That makes it more enticing for everyone to give to the cause and give multiple times.

It will also encourage word-of-mouth and boost the donations further.

Make It Easy To Donate Regularly

The secret to raising large sums of money is to get the donors to automatically donate over and over again. Interestingly, the easier you make it to do this the more likely it is that this will happen. To help your donors you’ll want to start by giving them several donation frequencies, ranging from weekly to annually.

You should also embrace the modern electronic payment systems to help them donate and establish a donation schedule in just a few clicks. In most cases, the donor will forget about it once they have set it up and the donations will keep coming in.

To make the most of this you’ll want to thank them with a small gesture and encourage them to contact friends and get them to sign up as well. This can be something as simple as a personalized thank you letter.

Create Virtual Meets

A great way to interact with donors and continue to make them feel appreciated is to arrange virtual events where they can log in and learn about where their money is going or other details about the non-profit organization. This should also give them the opportunity to make suggestions, you never know when something useful.

Simply feeling involved will help will be said them continue donating and encourage friends to do the same.

Tier Donations

If you create different levels with different rewards depending on the donations offered people will be inspired to give a little more and obtain the next level up. It’s a simple trick, easy to promote through social media, and adds a competitive element to the donation process. That’s often enough to get people giving a little more.

For really large, top-level doners, you can even name a project after them! Recognition for their efforts goes a long way.

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