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Tennis betting has gained wide popularity worldwide. This is also because the sport itself is interesting to millions of spectators. Tennis differs from team sports, largely due to its popularity.

Tennis Player

The current sports type is the most beloved in America. The Tennis Federation invested over $ 36 million to popularize it in 1998.

Tennis affordability is one more reason for its high popularity level. It is not required to spend large money amounts on inventory, equipment, and uniforms. All you need is a racket, a ball, a net and convenient clothes, suitable for active play.

Bets and their Popularity

Just a few people know that tennis today is the second most popular sports type in bookmakers after football. This is attributed to its dynamism. Viewers make live bets since the events change and happen more often.

Tennis betting benefits are the following:

  • Ability to track the players’ shape. Tennis provides an easier playing way in contradistinction to football, having 11 main players in each team. It is required to look through the statistics and performance of at least one athlete and make conclusions relative to his results.
  • Comebacks probability within the match.
  • The competition regularity. You may bet on tennis all year round. Tennis has got just one break at the end of the calendar year, unlike football. Therefore, there are matches all year round.

The current benefits allow you to win large money amounts all year round. Besides, it is quite interesting to watch tennis.

Bets Types

The rates depend on the sport. Tennis is an individual sports type, as has already been mentioned. Therefore, there are certain bets types:

  • Outcome bet – you need to predict which tennis player will win in a particular match. This is the most popular bet type among players, according to the statistics.
  • The handicap goal is to guess the game’s number, which one tennis player will win over another. It can be both positive and negative. The first is given to outsiders, while the second is provided to favorites.
  • Total is the total game number, scored by both athletes in the match.
  • Score by sets – you need to guess the final score by lots.
  • Real-time bets – bets are often placed on the winner of a particular game live. The current strategy is suitable for more experienced players. Here it is required to take into account the tennis player’s psychological state.
  • Other rates. Most bookmakers provide players with the traditional bet types mentioned above. However, some go further by expanding the line. Such offices propose to bet on the handicap, total, and the winner in each separate set, game, the time-break presence in the match, the break-points number, etc.


You need to carefully think and analyze all before making any bet on any sports type. Here are the most important factors to look out for:

1. Surface – there are four surface types, on which a tennis match can be played, including hard, clay, grass, and carpet. Each one affects the athlete in its way.

2. Athlete rating.

3. Tournament status and motivation. Often, an athlete can be influenced by the tournament location, the presence of the fans in the stands, the prospects to increase the rating and even the player’s feud.

4. Full-time confrontation. There are both «convenient» and «inconvenient» opponents for every athlete.

5. The current form is exactly the form, but not the rating or some other factor, which plays a decisive role in deciding on the bet. Determining the current player form is simple in tennis – it is required to just check the recent matches statistics.

You may safely place any bet on tennis having made an analysis.

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