Does Instagram notify when you screenshot a post?

Does Instagram notify when you screenshot a post

The answer is not anymore. If you like anything on Instagram, you can screenshot it and share it elsewhere, and the owner will not receive a notification. Many exciting and educational content has been shared on the platform for years now daily without warnings. In short, taking a screenshot on Instagram is natural.

Years back before 2018, story creators were notified when screenshots of their content were taken. However, due to one of their principles “PRIVACY” of engagement, the feature was scrapped. It is for this reason that Instagram no longer sends notifications to anyone. But, Instagram notifies people if screenshots are taken from direct message activity.

Instagram Notification about Screenshots

The posts on Instagram’s home tab or Explore tab might interest you, and you take a screenshot, and the owner will not be notified. Posts are videos, photos, stories that people put on their feed. So, you can get any posts you need from anyone on the platform.

Also, Instagram has other features like a bookmark on posts you cannot download locally. You can flag pictures or videos for later in the Instagram app, but they will not download it to your device. Additionally, you have a choice to group all your bookmark collections separately. For instance, you can have different groupings like recipes, best touring sites, and anything that interests you.

Reasons Why You May Screenshot on Instagram

The reasons for taking a screenshot are diverse. You want to share a meme with your friends, or on other platforms or a clear picture for a wallpaper, a new recipe you come across to avoid another search when you ready to try it out. 

Mostly, stories are what move many to take screenshots and maybe because all media disappears in 24hours. Besides the fact that Instagram will not send notifications, you should respect other people’s privacy. 

Does instagram notify when you screenshot a post

How do you save a post on Instagram

Instagram is exciting, and you can save any posts, videos, or photos that interest you by pressing the Bookmark button, which is at the bottom right corner of an image or post. Please note that most of these moves are only possible when using the Instagram app. 

Find your bookmarks under the fifth Profile tab on the Instagram app, and click the three bars on the top-right corner then select Saved items. If interested, you can make new collections by hitting the Plus tab. 

When you take photos of a disappearing post or video, Instagram will send a notification. Most of these posts are the ones you screenshot using the camera on the app to send as a direct message.

Alternative Ways to Screenshots on Instagram

You can take screenshots of anything on Instagram except for disappearing photos and videos in DM. There are also other ways that you can save any content on Instagram that you like and it will save you any worries of the owner getting notified.

Bookmark: As discussed above, save all Instagram posts in your archive, and the best thing is that only you can access them. Also, you don’t have to worry about anyone getting notifications.

Alternative Ways to Screenshots on Instagram

Direct Message: Under all images is a plane-like symbol. You can forward the post to anyone you identify, even yourself, and view the image or post anytime you want.

Copy link or sharing: On the right side of the video or photo you want to share are three dots. Tap on these dots and select Copy link or Share. Now you share the post with anyone you wish on the same platform of different social media platforms.


The Instagram screenshot notification policy may be changed anytime so things could change in the future. Take time to check any new developments on the platform often to avoid surprises. 

If any point is left on Does Instagram notify when you screenshot a post? Let us know in the comment section below. Only disappearing photos or videos send in DM sends notifications to the owner. Besides that, screenshot anything you like on Instagram and Share. Besides, you can also bookmark, copy the link, or forward the message in DM without the anxiety of notifications. You can also go around the DM messages and disappearing videos by using a different camera pointed to the particular message. 

Use the Instagram app to make the best out of the platform from saving, sharing, and bookmarking anything of interest to you. 

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