Darkseid vs. Thanos: Who will win?

Who’s likely to win in a fight between Darkseid vs. Thanos? This question is as old as the two characters themselves. One of the characters is the Mad Titan who can take down his avengers with ease. The other is the Lord of Apokolips who sits at the mountaintop of DC villains.

Darkseid vs. Thanos

Darkseid and Thanos both stand as the ultimate villains in their respective universes. This is not without a good reason. At their peaks, Darkseid and Thanos would both have the universe in their hands. When Thanos has put together all his Infinity Stones, he can virtually do anything he wants. Similarly, Darkseid, with his universe bending weapon, is an equal match.

Equipped with his Anti-Life equation, Darkseid sees nothing else but reality kneeling before him. With such powerful concepts, both Darkseid and Thanos mostly make appearances whose goal is the search of their ultimate power.

Thanos is MCU’s Best Villain, but Hands Down

The connection between Darkseid and Thanos goes far beyond gigantic enemies for their respective universes’ heroes. Darkseid was the first to be created by Jack Kirby, a comics legend. Directly influenced by Kirby’s creation, Jim Starlin designed Thanos in 1973, just two years after Darkseid was created. Although the origin of both Darkseid and Thanos is linked, conversations among most of their fans center on who between the two is more powerful. The answer is as simple as it can get. Darkseid is.

Even if these two villains were to fight at peak of their powers, Darkseid with his Anti-Life Equation and Thanos armed with all his Infinity Stones, a clear winner would emerge. And who would that be? Thanos would, unfortunately, still have to snap his fingers. For Darkseid, the battle would end even before it begins, thanks to his Anti-Life Equation’s mind-wiping nature.

For a fair fight between Darkseid vs. Thanos, the two would have to face off minus their reality changing weapons. Here, things would appear more level, albeit only initially. Thanos has often found himself at the center of a fight, routinely taking down the best that Marvel has to offer him. In the comics, he has fought with the likes of Thor, Beta Ray Bill, and Silver Surfer. He even held his very own against the legendary Galactus. Although he lost the battle against the renowned World-Eater, it’s worth mentioning that he got a solid hit from the fierce fight.

Darkseid vs Thanos: Who will win

However, although Thanos appears to have immense resources, there is absolutely no doubt that Darkseid is the Galaxy’s most resourceful person. The Justice League is inherently much more powerful than the Avengers. However, even then, it would be an uphill task for Darkseid to take the Avengers down. Most of them can’t survive a blast from his Omega beam. Not even Superman, the king of all heroes Marvel or DC, can survive the beam. It brings him to near-death.

Darkseid instills fear in all villains and heroes of the entire DC Universe. They’ll tremble at just the mention of the Apokolitpic Ruler. And they have a good reason to do so. Darkseid is endowed with something that Thanos doesn’t have: centuries more of experience.

Darkseid has constantly battled with literal New Gods for many centuries. Through these battles, he has perfected his battle tactics and senses such that he rarely ever flexes his true muscles. The few times he has ever lost to anyone in a fight was under very specific situations. He always manages to fluke in the larger scheme of things in all his battles.

Thanos, on the other hand, is indeed very formidable without the two villains’ universe-ending weapons. In such a case, Darkseid vs. Thanos would naturally have an incredible fight. Eventually, Darkseid’s pure strength, vast battle experience, auto-win Omega beams, and infinite resources would see him emerge the winner. But that’s not to say Thanos isn’t equal to the task. It’s just that Darkseid has everything in his favor at the moment.

The Bottom Line

The debate of who between Darkseid and Thanos would emerge victoriously has raised hot debates on many platforms, including social media ones like Twitter. In fact, it has been trending on Twitter for some time now. Not surprisingly, Darkseid has been emerging the winner with over 66 percent of the votes.

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