Cristiano Ronaldo Haircut & Hairstyle

Unlike the constantly changing looks of David Beckham, the Cristiano Ronaldo sticks to variations on one great style. It’s a flattering cut that is also versatile.

This comb-over hairstyle with ultrashort sides look great on the field and off. With a touch of product and a push to one side, it’s a hot look that stays in place through the most rigorous of activities. It can also be styled into a slick back, spikes or comb-over.

Check out these pictures for X ways to wear the Cristiano Ronaldo haircut.

1. Comb Over + Hard Part

A shaved part adds, even more, definition to this disconnected hairstyle. The curve in the hard part creates a pleasing shape for the comb-over.

2. Undercut Hairstyle

This short sides and back, longer on top hairstyle is popular because it looks great and is easy to style. This one is swept to the opposite side as usual. If you like to mix up the direction of your comb over, make sure your barber knows because that will change how hair is cut on top.

3. Long on Top, Short Sides and Back Hairstyle

This side part haircut can also be slicked back for a different look.

4. Fade + Hair Design

Change up your look by adding a hair design. The aerodynamic V is echoed in the angles of the line-up.

5. High Fade + Slick Style

Another way to style this cool cut is in a curl over to one side. A high fade at the sides creates a smooth transition from short to shorter.

6. Spiky Hair

The Cristiano Ronaldo haircut can be styled in a wide range of ways. For this formal event, he went with messy spikes or an almost fauxhawk effect.

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