CouchTuner: Free Couchtuner Alternatives

Whether it’s for a binge-watching marathon, a cozy staycation, or a pick-me-up at a day’s end, you will find that you’ll never run out of movies and series to choose from. But where would you want them from? What if you don’t have access to subscription-based streaming services? This is where CouchTuner comes in.


CouchTuner is just one of the many online streaming applications that offer its service to video enthusiasts. Its vast array of series and film collections would get anyone immediately hooked and prepared for any watching needs.

However, as it is with anything else, CouchTuner does have its significant disadvantages, too. Some of those drawbacks include not being able to download your videos and watch them offline, as well as the application not owning any of the videos that you’ll be able to stream on it.

Given these inconveniences, let us help you come up with backup plans with our list of alternatives to CouchTuner.

About CouchTuner: Everything You Need To Know

Don’t worry if this is the first time you have encountered or heard of CouchTuner. If so, you are probably wondering what it is exactly.

Put, CouchTuner is a website that lets you stream whatever movie or television series you want to watch, as long as it’s in their database (which also has quite a lot in it).

It is free to use, and you do not need to make an account to watch their shows. CouchTuner users also report the site’s content to be unorganized, in addition to not having an option for auto-playing the next episodes as you watch.

The downside to this is that the website does not own any rights to everything you’ll get to stream only while connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data (in other words, no offline option available).

So technically, you would not want to have it on top of your streaming sites list, especially since it has pop-up ads that redirect you to malicious websites.

Nevertheless, if pop-up ads are the least of your concerns (you really should be more concerned about their implications, though), CouchTuner does have a fantastic collection in its grasp.

Is CouchTuner Safe and Legal to Use?

As we have said above, the content you see on CouchTuner is provided without the proper copyrights attained. So that answers the question of its legality: it is not legal.

With these facts, it is safe to say that CouchTuner is most likely banned in several countries.

Due to stringent laws on piracy, opening the website will probably give you a message that might go along the lines of you not being authorized to access it.

However, the owners of CouchTuner have found a way to work around this — they expanded it to an abundance of differing subdomains.

While it would be rare for you (as an internet user) to face legal consequences when viewing pirated content, you may be punished by your internet service provider (ISP) for your actions.

ISPs in some countries do this by limiting or restricting your internet bandwidth when they catch you in the act of accessing pirated content.

This is not to say, however, that this applies to every existing ISP. Other ISPs and countries have various ways to deal with users who view pirated and illegal content.

Alongside its questionable legality, you should also be aware of the safety risks you make yourself vulnerable to as you access this website.

As you know by now, CouchTuner has an extensive collection of pirated films and series. These video files are not moderated and checked for any malware or viruses they might be carrying.

There is also the fact that the site has a lot of pop-up ads that are not only annoying but also have a high chance of infecting your devices with harmful malware or viruses.

They could also be a way for hackers to track you by your IP address, then get ahold of your credentials and other vital data.


What Happened to CouchTuner?

If you have previously used CouchTuner and are suddenly unable to access it, it’s most likely blocked by Google or your ISP, or they have moved to a new subdomain.

As we mentioned before, CouchTuner hosts a lot of pirated content, and Google, in general, has blocked websites such as this one due to firm regulations against piracy. In addition, some ISPs moderate traffic to this site, thus leading to domain switching.

Although if you prefer using CouchTuner, and you can’t access its primary domain, you can use the following proxies to watch from its collection of movies and series:

Proxies For Using CouchTuner


If any of the proxies above still does not work for you, then you can try out the alternatives to CouchTuner that we have compiled below.

How Can You Safely Use and Access CouchTuner?

Video With Instructions

Let’s say you still want to watch your favorite series on CouchTuner, despite knowing the safety risks and disadvantages.

To safely use CouchTuner, you could use different programs that offer VPN services so that you will be able to access CouchTuner from a different country, with a different IP address.

Using VPNs will make it almost impossible for a person with malicious intent to track you and rob your essential data.

You could also install a legitimate ad-blocking program on your browsers to stop those pesky ads from popping up while you browse. Some companies offer browsers that automatically run with built-in ad blockers, as well as codes that protect you from potential trackers.

How Can You Watch CouchTuner on Chromecast?

There is no denying that movies and television series are better viewed on larger screens. It helps you feel more immersed, not to mention it is easier for your eyes, as compared to when you use your laptop or other smaller devices.

CouchTuner, as a streaming website, does not normally support direct casting to another device, i.e., a smart TV, although there is a way for you to hook it up to your Chromecast.

Open your streaming website with Google Chrome. In the Settings tab, you will find another tab that allows you to ‘Cast to a device,’ which then shows you all the detected Chromecast devices. Choosing one of them will throw your device’s display to whatever TV or monitor your selected Chromecast is connected to.

Take note that this method will only work when you are using Google Chrome. For you to be sure the option shows up, update your browser to its latest version.

Free Alternatives of CouchTuner

If you think CouchTuner does not fit your streaming needs, then let us help you find alternative video streaming websites that will hopefully be up your alley.

1. Netflix –

Couchtuner alternatives

Seeing the name might make you think, “I’m looking for a way to stream without paying for anything! Why is this here?”

Hear us out — this is one of the most popular streaming services in the world. You will not have to question the legality of its content, which ranges from cartoons and TV series to full-length films and documentaries.

Additionally, there is also an extensive collection of Netflix originals, which you can binge-watch your heart out.

As you may know by now, Netflix runs on subscription plans. However, they do offer different plans for different budget ranges: basic, standard, and premium. Some ISPs or cable services also have bundles that give you access to Netflix.

No matter which one you pick, you will still have unlimited access to everything Netflix has to offer. The main differences among their subscription plans are the number of devices you can use with your Netflix account and the quality of your streams.

If you’re a first-time user, you’ll have the option to start your Netflix experience with one month free.

Do note that the content you will see on Netflix varies by location; this is because Netflix is one of the streaming applications that are geo-restricted. If you want to watch content that is from a particular country, you can use your VPN to make it appear like you’re streaming from the country of your choosing.

2. Hulu –

“Another pay-to-watch option; the horror!” you might be saying. Though really, you cannot go wrong with these paid subscription streaming sites.

If you’re from the United States, then Hulu is probably one of your top alternatives for streaming. With a vast array of content in its arsenal, Hulu will make sure you won’t run out of things to watch. Subscribing to its Live TV plan offers access to numerous live shows from different networks.

You can get a 30-day free trial for its monthly plans, which start at $7.99. For $39.99 a month, you’ll get access to Hulu Live TV, with a free trial that runs for seven days.

To use Hulu from outside the US, you could use your favorite VPN program to let you browse it.

3. Solarmovie –

Proved to be one of the favorites for online movie-and-show streaming, Solarmovie does not require its users to register to be able to watch any of the content in its database.

However, signing up for Solarmovie does grant you access to more features that are unavailable to the regular user. Furthermore, being a VIP user means that you will not get any ads as you use the site and that you will get better video quality. You’ll also be able to download the videos, as well as have access to more subtitle options.

Its user interface (UI) design is extensive in a way that you’ll be able to navigate through genres, countries, the latest releases, and more without exerting much effort. The website likewise gives users like you a chance to request a movie or TV show that you want to watch but is still unavailable in the database.

If you are accessing a domain that seems to be Solarmovie but is full of pop-up advertisements, it might most likely be a mirror site and not a legitimate website.

4. MoviesJoy —

Couchtuner Alternatives

MoviesJoy has a vast collection of movies and TV shows you can view the next time you binge-watch. It’s a fantastic alternative because it is free to use, and you don’t need to sign up for anything on the website.

Its user interface design is organized and easy to navigate. You are given a chance to filter the content by genre, rating, time duration, year released, and many more. The Country tab near the top of the website allows you to explore the different contents published internationally.

The ads on the website are negligible and do not reduce the website’s performance. You could use your browser’s ad blockers so that you won’t have to see any of those ads. This also gives you peace of mind that your devices would not have any unwanted, malicious content.

5. LookMovie —

LookMovie is a registration-free streaming website that has attracted a lot of traffic internationally. This is an excellent alternative to CouchTuner, for you can view your favorite series here without worrying about annoying pop-ups and ads that redirect you to other sites.

Users report the website to have a fantastic user interface by allowing viewers to click on the Movies or TV Shows tabs on top. Once a tab has been chosen, you’ll be able to filter the content you want to see, go to the latest released media, see content for each available category, and explore the genres that the database has.

6. StreamLikers —

As one of the most reliable and long-lasting streaming alternatives, StreamLikers has probably become one of the favorites of viewers. It also has a simple and easy-to-use user interface, as well as an extensive collection of series and films in its grasp.

However, you should know that this website has been blocked in some countries, therefore minimizing people who can access it. To work around this, you could use a VPN service instead.

StreamLikers does not store any of the content you could stream on it. Instead, links and references from other sources are embedded, so you could easily choose which one to play the videos on.

There are minimal ads on this site, which can be combated by installing an adblocker. You could use its search bar to look for the exact show you want to watch.

7. FlixTor —

Here is another fantastic alternative to CouchTuner. The website’s UI is straightforward, simple, and easy to follow. There won’t be any concerns over pop-ups and redirecting ads as well, reassuring you that you will not encounter any malware.

You can access their content without the need to sign up, even though you can also do so. Signing up for their website can give you access to features like creating your playlist and sharing it with your loved ones.

Additionally, FlixTor offers you a VIP subscription plan that has extra features. Nonetheless, the free-to-use version will still give you more than enough access to everything on the website.

8. 123Movieshub —

Alternatives of couchtuner

If you’ve been streaming movies online for a long time, then you have most likely come across the website 123Movies. It’s one of the first sites – if not the first one – to let users stream numerous films online. However, the original domain has been closed, and 123Movieshub is now one of its remaining proxies that can be accessed.

It has a great UI that is easy to navigate, even for the first-time user. You can quickly go to the sections you want to look through.

You do need to sign up for the website, however, for you to be able to have access to all its content without any ads. Your access with only be limited to watching trailers if you do not sign up for it. The good news, though: is you do not need to pay for anything to sign up for the site.

9. FMovies —

Here’s another free alternative to CouchTuner: FMovies. With a vast database of TV series and movies, FMovies allows you to view content through a portal; this is because it does not host any of the content it has on its website.

Its UI lets you see the IMDb ratings, genres, and summaries for every show you want to view. You could use its search bar to find the content quickly you’re looking for, or explore its different tabs to see all its offerings and maybe watch something new.

10. Putlocker —

If you’re planning to go on an international media binge-watch, then Putlocker could be the website for you. With its easy-to-navigate user interface and a wide array of content, Putlocker proves itself to be one of the top alternatives for streaming.

The website features the newest releases from around the world, and it gives you access to numerous mirror sites for you to be able to watch the shows. You could also request the content you want to see for it to be added to its database. Like with the other websites, you could scroll through its offerings by genre or country. You could also navigate straight to the newest episodes of your favorite series, even if they are limited to specific regions.

11. Tubi —

Perhaps the most significant thing about Tubi is that it’s completely free – both free to use and free from pesky advertisements. Tubi is a fantastic alternative to CouchTuner because of the massive number of shows and movies of varying genres that you could watch. An even better thing about Tubi? It’s legitimate and legal.

The website has an elegant user interface that’s easy on the eyes. You’re not required to register to get access to everything that Tubi offers. You could even add more movies to your queue as you stream.

The videos that you could find here are directly streamed from big-time studios such as Lionsgate and Paramount. If you want to watch from your phone, laptop, or even your TV, then you’re in luck because Tubi’s compatible with a lot of existing devices.


  • CouchTuner is a great website to use for streaming different movies and TV series from around the globe.
  • However, it has some issues with legality and safety. It hosts content without acquiring its rights, and the site has ads that could bring harmful viruses and malware to users’ computers.
  • If you want to watch your favorite series on CouchTuner, you have the option to utilize your Chromecast by using the ‘Cast to a device’ option on your Google Chrome browser.
  • Due to CouchTuner’s issues, it’s best to explore the many alternatives available on the internet. The websites we’ve listed are more reliable, for they either embed videos from other sources or give you links to mirror sites where you could watch them. However, some of them require subscriptions or sign-ups, but they all have an extensive collection to offer.
  • For CouchTuner and its alternatives, we recommend you use VPNs to have added protection as you stream.

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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