Cigars for Beginners Guide 2022: Everything you need to know

Your first cigar does not have to be a bad experience, but you can have a good experience out of the many cigars for beginners. Trying out different things is great, but it can also make your first experience daunting. As a result, a bad result can make you lose interest in anything.

Cigars for Beginners

Making the right choice for first cigars for beginners might overwhelm you as there are many brands for anyone, in different sizes, colours and wrappers. Besides, you need to know how to cut, light, and smoke. 

Cigars for Beginners

It is recommended that novice smokers should choose smaller cigars because they are mild to smoke. Also, a smaller one will be easy to smoke as you don’t have to take too long smoking. The full-bodied cigar might be massive and put you off as a beginner. 

Although you might not want to spend a fortune on your first cigar, please pick a premium smoke because your first experience might not be what you are expecting. A bad smoke might be cheap, but chances are high you might not enjoy it. Most expensive things are usually of good quality, including cigars. 

The slightly expensive brands are better in how they are expertly rolled to give smokers a good experience. For £10, you can get a premium cigar although there are some cheaper than that. Here are some of the appropriate recommendations for novice cigars for beginners.

1. Arturo Fuente 858

The line of 858 natural cigars from the popular Arturo brand is a fantastic choice for beginners. In the cigar arena, this brand is one of the best thanks to its history of good quality and a consistent supply. 

For a beginner, the 858 natural is the best choice, and it only costs $6. It is handcrafted, and its wrapper is African Cameroon and the Dominican Republic long-filler all balanced in a medium body. 

They come in two amazing flavours: cedar and mild tobacco with some sweetness to balance the taste, and they are in different sizes and shapes. The brand has been praised by most, and there are no negative reviews from users here are its best qualities.


  • Good Quality
  • Smooth Smoke
  • Well-Balanced Flavor Profile

2. Alec Bradley American Classic Brand

The overall stick has a Nicaraguan filler and binder tobacco for a smooth, creamy taste wrapped in a Honduran Connecticut wrapper that adds to its pleasant cedar taste. It is known as an American classic because its recipe is old and has been around for years. 

Its creamy smooth taste makes it a solid cigar for a newbie, and it even gets better if paired with coffee. It has leathery notes according to some smokers, which is not a bad thing, but it might not be a favourable taste for the majority. However, you will experience a nice, even burn from its solid construction and the creamy taste to make your first experience fun.

Cigars for Beginners

3. Romeo Julieta 1875

The brand is named after the year the company was founded, in 1875 by Romeo Y Julieta. Most beginner cigar smokers choose the Romeo Y Julieta brand as their first stop on the smoking journey. The manufacturing company is one and a half centuries, with award-winning decoration in its history within and outside of Cuba. 

The 1875 line of cigars has the best products for these modern times and is also suitable for novices. With an Indonesian-grown Sumatra Wrapper, the body has a mild to medium flavour, and the deeper flavours are from long-aged Dominican Republic filler. With all their good qualities, the cigars are extremely affordable, from $5.


  • High-quality
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Mild Flavor Profiles

Main Features

  • Mild-Medium Bodied
  • Sumatra Wrapper
  • Dominican Republic Filler

Why Smoking Cigars is Unique

  • Aroma and flavour. All cigars are differently intriguing with woody, savoury aromas and their leathery, coffee, spicy flavours give you a unique smoking experience.
  • Relaxation. Smoking a cigar takes 45 minutes to 2 hours which is a long time to relax and kick back in your world.
  • Celebration. A cigar is not your ordinary smoke, but you can do it on special occasions like a birthday, anniversary, or an occasion you want to mark with family and friends. 
  • The camaraderie. Cigar smokers are a cool, friendly bunch and taking one out will prove it to you. 
  • The ritual. To smoke a cigar, you have to cut, toast, light and puffy are symbolic to individuals with meaning. Whatever your cigar represents, it becomes your ritual, and every smoker has theirs. 
  • The art. Cigar creation is an art, and each puff reveals the thoughts a blender had when selecting the filling, binder and wrapper. Each brand depicts a unique smoking experience which is a reflection of where the tobacco originated. 


Unfortunately, newbies in every area are intimidated by the many opinions of different people. Perhaps the best way is to choose a brand and experience it yourself. Beginners might feel overwhelmed when choosing their first cigar. 

People are different, and smoking cannot be a size fit for all which or reason for extensively covering the above options of cigars for beginners. Once you decide on what to smoke, follow the instructions provided to ensure you get the full experience by that particular brand. 

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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