Chase Account Number: How to find it?

If you have a checking account with Chase Bank, you can find your Chase account number online or on the face of your checks or deposit slips. You can find the account number online as well if you have a credit card account.

Finding Checking Account Numbers

Checking accounts from Chase Bank or any other bank for that matter, ensure that the bottom of the checks has the account number printed on them. Routing numbers are also provided and so you can use both numbers to carry out transactions. The bank statements will also have the Chase account number. Most people do not have their paper statements or checkbooks handy. You should not worry as you can get all this information through online banking.

It is worth noting that the number printed on the debit card associated with the account is not the same as the checking account number. However, you can use the debit account number as well as the PIN provided to access information about your account. The other way is to contact Chase Bank to inquire about any information about your Chase account number. Before the bank issues any information, they will need to verify if you are truly the holder of the account.

You must keep all information including the debit card expiration date secure since fraudulent activities are on the rise.

Finding Credit Card Numbers

The Chase credit card is directly on the card plus any other information you might need to make online transactions. Usually, you will need the card’s expiration date and the security code to complete online transactions. In case you need additional information concerning the spending on the credit card or even the billing and terms of the plan, you will find all of it on the bank’s website. Once again you need to keep this information safe to ensure a non-authorized party does not make purchases in your name.

Lost or Stolen Cards

In case your credit or debit card has been stolen and you are unable to find the Chase account number, you are advised to call the bank immediately to suspend the card and process a replacement for you.

It will take a week or so for a newly approved credit card to arrive in the mailbox. However, this should not be a problem as you can use the card while you wait for the physical one to arrive. Here is a three-step trick to help you get the Chase account number while the card is in transit.

1. Get the Last Four Digits of the Card from the Chase Bank Website

All you need to do is log onto and scroll through the list of accounts you hold with them. Usually, the latest one is at the bottom. Note the last four digits.

2. Send a Note via the Secure Message Center

At the top of the page, in the upper right part of the screen, click the link for Secure Message Center. Click on “Send New Message” then click on “Select Topic“. Type the message than “Send“.

3. View the Message in the Chase App to See the Account Number

Log onto the app and check the “Sent Messages” folder and tap on the message sent and you will see the Chase account number.

Visit any of Chase Bank branches today or log onto for assistance with your Chase account number.

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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