Caffeine Shampoo for Hair Growth

The Wonders of Caffeine Shampoo for Hair Growth

Are you suffering hair loss? Do you have some thinning areas forming on your scalp? This problem does affect not only men but also women of all ages. People suffering from hair... Read more »
tips on how to choose a right weight loss supplement

Tips on How to choose a weight loss supplement

A great percentage of people work hard to reduce their weight and employ the use of weight loss supplements. There are a great number of supplements on the market and choosing the... Read more »
Suprising uses of Garlic

Surprising Uses of Garlic

The first thought that comes to mind when we see garlic is it’s pungent odour but despite that, Garlic is still one of the leading bulb in the world. Garlic is a... Read more »
Healthy Junk Food Replacements

Want to Eat Healthier? Then Try These Healthy Junk Food Replacements

Let’s face it: it’s difficult to stay away from junk food and its oh-so-tempting taste and flavor. Be it lack of time, willpower or sheer craving, there are times when nothing seems... Read more »
wife sharing

What are the benefits of Wife Sharing?

Wife sharing is different from a swinger’s lifestyle. Here, more than one couple has sexual relationships with the wife of different couples. This is a taboo in many traditional marriages but you... Read more »
buttermilk powder

How to make buttermilk powder? [Best Guide]

In the process of making butter, pasteurized cream is churned to produce butter. While butter contains about 20% water, the remainder of the material released by the churning of the cream is... Read more »
Rebel Wilson Weight Loss

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Story & Learnings

Rebel Wilson never stops spreading love and laughter. The popular actress has played hilarious roles in the movies Bridesmaids, Pitch Perfect, Night at the Museum, and How to Be Single. Rebel Wilson’s... Read more »
Is the Hanahaki disease real

Is the Hanahaki disease real?

The Hanahaki disease isn’t a real disease; it’s actually a fictional disease. Hanahaki victims cough up flower petals as a result of suffering from one-sided love. This could end when the beloved... Read more »
human papilloma virus

MUST READ Check Out The Deadly Virus Other Than HIV That Even Condom Can’t Protect You Against

At a meeting of cancer specialists at the University of Nairobi last week, reproductive health expert, Nelly Mugo, said that even as we take protective measures using condoms against most STIs including... Read more »
signs you are in a right relationship

10 Signs You’re In The Right Relationship

Crisis can come upon couples unexpectedly and rattle even the most solid of relationships. No matter how smitten you are with your honey, doubt may creep into your mind, clouding your vision... Read more »