Image of a girl holding her hairs

Do you still lose your hair after hair transplant

Do you still lose your hair after hair transplant? Loss of hair often brings trauma among very many people....
A human brain

Brain healthy fatty food

Some facts on how fat could be made brain healthy fatty food. Fat What was once the ugly stepchild of...
Quit Smoking

How to quit smoking

QUIT SMOKING Smoking is an injurious habit which spoils the health of both the smoker as well as the people who are surrounding...

Top ways to control diabetes

Exercising has always helped to keep your body fit and fine. It has helped to cure and prevent many ailments. Diabetes is...
A Woman Exercising.

Ways to prevent blood clots

Blood clots could be found in various parts of the body and most times doctors recommend blood thinners but instead of downing...
Things that keep you fit

The best way to go bodybuilding

What is the best way to go bodybuilding?? We all want to look fit and strong, bodybuilding crosses the...
How to reduce stress

How to reduce your stress level

Stress is the number one cause of numerous illnesses, it also leads to early aging and high blood pressure. There are certain...
stop hair loss and aid growth

How to stop Hair loss and aid growth naturally

Baldness and hair loss are common conditions. Losing one’s hair can lower one’s confidence. As we age our follicle is a little...
Ways to Reduce Cancer Risk

13 ways to reduce cancer risk

Cancer has been one of the fastest and commonest killing disease in the world and up till date we’ve been in the...
ways to naturally cure Bad Breathe

5 Ways to naturally cure bad breath

Bad breath can be a downer. It sure causes a dent in our self-esteem. Sometimes we stay quiet just because what we...

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