Burn A Bay Leaf In Your House. The Reason? You’ll Be Amazed

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why you should stop putting toilet paper down immediately

Why You Need To Stop Putting Toilet Paper Down On Public Toilet Seats Immediately

You Need To Stop Putting Toilet Paper Down On Public Toilet Seats Immediately A lot of people have a fear of public restrooms. Some feel nervous and self-conscious using someone else’s bathroom,... Read more »
Small loop at the back of your shirt

Ever Noticed The Small Loop At The Back Of Your Shirt? It’s Not For What You Think It Is

Before you put on a shirt, why not question the mundane? At the back of your shirt, where the pleat meets the yoke, there happens to be a small loop. Ever noticed?... Read more »
Lose Weight

Eat your favorite foods and still lose weight

Eat your favorite foods and still lose weight… Is it possible?? Weight is equally stressing, whether it is for man or woman. Both of them can feel stressed and irritated with extra... Read more »
An image of a women wearing maternity belt

Good reasons to use maternity belt

Why Pregnant ladies should use maternity belt? Pregnant women will experience pains on their lower back and shoulder especially during the last trimester. Maternity belts are popular and best aids that doctors... Read more »

Chocolate and health: Things you didn’t know

Chocolate and health- Yes chocolate has its own health benefits that a true chocolatier might know. Want to know or dying to know more about it then go-ahead I will tell you... Read more »
No Alcohol

Five home fixes for alcoholism

If you are a heavy drinker, have recently had a single incident or multiple incidents where you have drunk too much, or are having problems stopping drinking on your own, you may... Read more »
Image of a girl holding her hairs

Do you still lose your hair after hair transplant

Do you still lose your hair after hair transplant? Loss of hair often brings trauma among very many people. The process that many go through during hair loss period is very frustrating;... Read more »
A human brain

Brain healthy fatty food

Some facts on how fat could be made brain healthy fatty food. Fat What was once the ugly stepchild of the dietary world is now being heralded as the savior of humankind.... Read more »
Quit Smoking

How to quit smoking

QUIT SMOKING Smoking is an injurious habit which spoils the health of both the smoker as well as the people who are surrounding you. Even though there are many well-educated people who... Read more »