mother and sons

Someone’s mother has four sons; three are named North, East, and West. What’s the name of the fourth son?

The Four Kids are Northeast West Riddle is a popular brain teaser that has been around for a long time. This math puzzle has been used to both test and delight children... Read more »

Financial Planning Tips For the Whole Family

The benefits of Financial Planning. Managing finances is one of the burdens of life. We need money to do everything in the modern age, and when you are living with your family,... Read more »
Why is Adoption so Expensive

Why is Adoption so Expensive? Cost of Adoption

The idea of creating a family by adopting a child and giving them love and affection is the bravest thing a couple can do.  Adoption is an excellent concept..!! The parents will... Read more »
Happy Mothers Day to Mother in Law

How to Wish Happy Mother’s Day to Mother in Law

Mother’s day has been celebrated for over a century across the world. The first woman to celebrate her mother was Anna Jarvis around 1900. Later her mother died and she launched a... Read more »
Helping Your Child Transition from College to Working Professional

Helping Your Child Transition from College to Working Professional

The amount of hands-on help your child needs decreases with each stage of maturity, and the period right after college graduation is no exception. However, this is a unique time when your... Read more »
wife sharing

What are the benefits of Wife Sharing?

Wife sharing is different from a swinger’s lifestyle. Here, more than one couple has sexual relationships with the wife of different couples. This is a taboo in many traditional marriages but you... Read more »