Windows can’t communicate with the Device or Resource [Solution]

After powering on your computer, getting the message “Windows can’t communicate with the device or resource” when trying to access the Internet is a common issue these days. There is no specific fix for this error since the error on your computer might be because of a faulty driver, for example, incorrect settings, PC junk, and malicious software. We have here tips to help on how to fix the error and it will not be too long before is systems go again. 

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1. Update your Network Driver

Internet connection problems are mostly caused by outdated network drivers and here is what you can do in situations like this. First, update your drivers manually. Ensure you know the exact model of your network card and go to your specific vendor’s website. Search for the later driver software for your device and download the driver and install it on your computer.

You can also use the built-in Device Manager tool by pressing the Windows tab+X shortcut on your keyboard. Select Device Manager from the list and locate the network device. Right-click pm it and choose to update its driver. Let the Device Manager search for the latest driver for your PC online. Once it has located the right one, install the driver on your PC.

Employing a special utility is the easiest way to troubleshoot your driver’s problems and automate the process. There is intuitive software online that you can install on your PC and it is supposed to fix and update all your drivers. 

2. Change your Adapter Settings

If the above solutions do not work, you will need to change the way you get your DNS and IP addresses. The first thing you will need to do is open your start menu by clicking on the Windows icon on your taskbar. Locate the Control Panel tile and click on it. Locate the ‘View by’ menu and select the large icons option. Navigate to Network and Sharing Center and click on it, you will see the Change Adapter Settings, click on it. 

The network connections screen will pop up and you should see your current network, right-click on it. Select Properties from the drop-down menu and go to Internet Protocol Version 4. Click on the Properties button. Once the General tab opens, select Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS Server address automatically. Click OK for the changes to apply. Restart your PC and check if the issue has been resolved.

3. Switch to Google Public DNS

Since your DNS might be the one causing this problem, you could try moving to Google Public DNS and for you to do this, you should click on your Windows icon to go to the Start menu, and select Control Panel. Click on Network and Sharing Center, and click on Change Adapter Settings. You should see your network on the list, right-click on it, and select properties. Choose Internet Protocol Version 4 and select Properties where you will select the preferred DNS server Click OK to save the changes. Restart the computer and check if the issue has been resolved.

4. Edit the Hosts File

If the above tips are of no help, you might need to modify the hosts file and you should follow the steps below:

·        Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc

·        Locate the hosts’ file and right-click on it then open it in Notepad

·        Delete the contents of the file

·        Press CTRL+S

This should solve your issues.

We hope our tips have helped you fix the error “Windows can’t communicate with the device or resource in Windows 10”. If you have any issues or ideas, we are looking forward to your comments below. Go back to our home page here.

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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About the Author: Andrew

Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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