Brooke Daniels: Age, Net-Worth, Relationship & Career

Renowned for her social work as a Scientologist, Brooke Daniels became notorious amidst the main-stream media after being in an affair with Catherine Bell, a prominent actress known for her debut in The Good Witch.

Apart from being a Scientologist, Brooke Daniels has debuted in her other passions, including acting, film-making, photography, and writing. It is without a doubt that Brooke Daniels is a multi-talented individual, and her competence is vibrant through her photography.

In this article, I will explain who Brooke Daniels is and everything you need to know about her.

Brooke Daniels: Age, Net-Worth, Relationship & Career
Brooke Daniels | Source: GoYoungistaan


Brooke Daniels was born on 30th June 1986 in Tomball, Texas, United States to parents, Michael Daniels and Valerie Chachere Daniels. She grew up alongside her two siblings, Cassady Daniels and Michael Daniels.


Brooke Daniels attended Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas, where she completed her Master’s Degree in Communication.


Currently, Brooke Daniels is in a relationship with the American actress, Catherine Bell, whom she met while working in psychiatry. In 2012, both of them started dating and continue to do so even now. As per rumours, Brooke Daniels was married to an anonymous person whom she had to children with, Dane and Chapel.

As for Catherine Bell, she was married to a screenwriter, Adam Beason, whom she met on the set of Death Becomes Her in 1992. She had two children with Adam Beason, Gemma Beason (16th April 2003) and Ronan Beason (21st August 2010). However, after being married for 17 years, the couple eventually separated in 2010 and finalized the divorce in 2015.

As of now, both Brooke Daniels and Catherine Bell are residing in Hidden Hills, Los Angeles, California. Both of them are in a prosperous relationship, and there has been no news of dispute between the two to this date.

Brooke Daniels: Age, Net-Worth, Relationship & Career
Catherine Bell & Brooke Daniels | Source: MarriedCeleb


It is estimated that Brooke Daniel’s net-worth is around $1,000,000, as of 2020. She manages to earn a noteworthy income from her career. On the other hand, her partner, Catherine Bell, has a net-worth of $15,000,000 through her acting career. Apart from their individual assets, Catherine Bell owns a $2,050,000 house in Los Angeles’ Hidden Hills, California, where the couple resides.

Brooke Daniels: Age, Net-Worth, Relationship & Career
Catherine Bells’ House in Hidden Hills, Los Angeles | Source: Variety

What Is The Tea?

Only after a year of her divorce, Catherine Bell came out as bisexual and soon announced her romantic relationship with the renowned photographer, Brooke Daniels. Although Brooke Daniels was an eminent personality in her area of expertise, she hadn’t achieved as much recognition then as she did being in a relationship with Catherine Bell.

Ever since the news about her relationship with Catherine Bell reached main-stream media, Brooke Daniels started to receive all the focus. It would make sense why Brooke Daniels and Catherine Bell became a scandalous couple. Both of them met in 2012, which was before Catherine Bell confirmed her divorce with her former husband, Adam Beason. Nevertheless, the couple is satisfied with their relationship!

Brooke Daniels: Age, Net-Worth, Relationship & Career
Catherine Bell | Source: Affair Post

Where Is Brooke Daniels & Catherine Bell Now?

Both of them desire to keep their relationship away from the public and any sort of spectacle between the confinement of their house. Hence, neither of them have revealed any information about their affair. Therefore, if they do decide to advance in their relationship, admirers will have to wait for the announcement.


It may be obvious that Brooke Daniels received acknowledgement from being in the spotlight with Catherine Bell. However, we can’t deny the fact that she is a woman of many flairs. She is an alumnus of Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas. After graduation, she tried acting and managed to reserve a few roles in short-films and television series, such as Vanguard Dispatch, Shadow Falls, and Change of Life.

Apart from being an aspiring actress, Brooke Daniels is also a photographer and has received multiple awards for her proficiency in this area. Her aptitude is vibrant on her website!

Brooke Daniels is also a capable writer who wrote the script for the 2011 television series, L Spice, whereas, she has also worked as a director on the 2010 movie, Last Breath. Apart from all this, Brooke Daniels is a philanthropist that believes in compassion towards the less fortunate.

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