Boss Katana-50 MkII 50W 1×12 Combo Amplifier Guitar

This is the second generation of BOSS Katana Series amplifiers, which began with the original Katana 50 MkII. In addition to the cab-emulated outputs and monitoring, the BOSS Katana 50 MkII features multi-channel footswitch support, allowing you to access every sound in your arsenal without having to take your hands off the guitar! Using a standard set of controls, you can quickly shape your tone, and you can further personalize your amp settings and effects using the BOSS Tone Studio editor program. It also comes with an adjustable Power Control, which lets you get a cranked-amp tone even at lower volume levels with the Katana 50 MkII. The BOSS Katana-50 MkII combination amplifier from Sweetwater is a one-stop shop for electric and acoustic-electric guitar players looking for a versatile amplifier.

Boss Katana-50

What’s new with the Boss Katana-50 MKII:

Here’s a quick rundown of the most exciting features in your Katana 50 combo amplifier’s second generation:
In(put) of a power amplifier — Don’t know what you’d do without your floor unit or tube preamp?
New amplifier models have been released. The Katana MkII brings back all of your favorite vintage features in a more refined package.

BOSS Tone Studio has been updated. BOSS Tone Studio software, which has been updated to version 5.0. Your every command will be met with 60 BOSS effects, channel-by-channel EQs, configurable routing, and much, much more.
The BOSS Katana-50 MkII is packed with five different amp voicings, each with its unique sound. The Clean, Crunch, and Lead sections are divided into three categories. A bonus is that the Brown preset was created with the BOSS Waza amplifier, which is well-known for producing the soundscapes associated with the ’80s metal movement. In addition, using the Acoustic mode, you may connect your acoustic-electric guitar to the computer and play along with it. This versatile combo amplifier from BOSS offers a broad choice of tones for you to experiment with no matter what kind of music you play or even what type of guitar you play.

Because of the use of cab-emulated output, it is feasible to record and perform in complete silence.
With the Power Control, the Katana 50 MkII not only delivers a cranked-amp sound at low volume settings, but it also allows for absolutely silent operation onstage or in the studio. cab emulation is available in addition to the USB and headphone/recording outputs, so no matter how you monitor your 50 MkII, you’ll have the sensation of being right in front of a live amp. As well as air conditioning, there are three other types of cab resonance to choose from: vintage, modern, and deep. It is possible to customize simulated sounds according to your preferences and requirements using direct, distant, and mixed-feel microphone emulation.

The Katana 50 MkII is compatible with a total of 60 vintage BOSS effects, and you may load a complete sequence of them for quick access to your favorite sounds. A Booster/Mod, an FX/Delay, and a Reverb control are all found in the amp’s effects section: one for each channel. With a single knob for each effect type and a color-coded button for switching between preset effects, you can get creative with your music. Then open the Tone Studio application to configure your settings. Creating your configuration or downloading setups developed by experienced guitarists are also options available on the BOSS Tone Studio website. To top it off, with its capacity to save numerous unique amp and effects profiles for quick recall, the Katana 50 MkII is a highly versatile multi-channel amplifier system.
A flexible combination amplifier that comes with five distinct amp voicings, adjustable effects, and editor software built in for added versatility.

A total of 60 vintage BOSS effects have been included in the BOSS Tone Studio.
You can achieve a cranked-amp tone even at lower volume settings by utilizing the Variable Power Control feature.
Adjustments to the volume level, EQ, and effects are all designed to assist you in quickly shaping your tone.
With the BOSS Tone Studio editor application, you may make changes to your effects and amplifier settings as needed.
Aside from the uncolored amplification supplied by Power Amp In, external modelers and preamps also benefit from this feature.

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