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Chocolate and health: Things you didn’t know

Chocolate and health- Yes chocolate has its own health benefits that a true chocolatier might know. Want to know or dying to know more about it then go-ahead I will tell you what are the health benefits of Chocolate. Chocolates are the most widespread and renowned food type in the whole world due to...

Five home fixes for alcoholism

No Alcohol
If you are a heavy drinker, have recently had a single incident or multiple incidents where you have drunk too much, or are having problems stopping drinking on your own, you may be suffering from alcoholism. You need to know home fixes for alcoholism in that case. Drinking alcohol to excess over a long...

Do you still lose your hair after hair transplant

Image of a girl holding her hairs
Do you still lose your hair after hair transplant? Loss of hair often brings trauma among very many people. The process that many go through during hair loss period is very frustrating; medications, treatments, consultations and even hair transplants. It is always a very complicated situation that takes many through a lot of spending...

Brain healthy fatty food

A human brain
Some facts on how fat could be made brain healthy fatty food. Fat What was once the ugly stepchild of the dietary world is now being heralded as the savior of humankind. OK maybe that’s taking things a little too far. But fat does offer great benefits for our bodies—and our minds. Read on to...

How to quit smoking

Quit Smoking
QUIT SMOKING Smoking is an injurious habit which spoils the health of both the smoker as well as the people who are surrounding you. Even though there are many well-educated people who know very well about this injurious habit, they are still having the habit of smoking cigarettes. Stop smoking cigarettes now or else cigarettes...

Top ways to control diabetes

Exercising has always helped to keep your body fit and fine. It has helped to cure and prevent many ailments. Diabetes is one such chronic diseases, which can be controlled by doing a few specific exercises. So exercise is one of the top ways to control diabetes. Diabetic patients are prone to fall prey...

Ways to prevent blood clots

A Woman Exercising.
Blood clots could be found in various parts of the body and most times doctors recommend blood thinners but instead of downing pills, here are ways to prevent blood clots: Be aware with the blood clot It is very important to be aware with the blood clot. One need to have knowledge about blood clot that can...

The best way to go bodybuilding

Things that keep you fit
What is the best way to go bodybuilding?? We all want to look fit and strong, bodybuilding crosses the mind when the idea of fitness comes to mind. The best way to be energetic and look young is to be fit in our physic and maintaining the same for long years,...

How to reduce your stress level

How to reduce stress
Stress is the number one cause of numerous illnesses, it also leads to early aging and high blood pressure. There are certain simple tips to help reduce your stress level. We’ve selected some that you’d find helpful: 1) One thing at a time. You’ll feel better and less stressed if you just do one thing...

How to stop Hair loss and aid growth naturally

stop hair loss and aid growth
Baldness and hair loss are common conditions. Losing one’s hair can lower one’s confidence. As we age our follicle is a little lazy and needs a boost. In this article, we will discuss about how to stop hair loss and aid growth naturally. Eggs Our hair is made up of 70% keratin protein. Eggs are packed with...

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