Best Hairstyles for Round Faces for Men 2018

Choosing the best haircuts for round faces isn’t just about scoping out latest trends and picking your favorite. In addition to being on the forefront of fashion, barbers and stylists personalize every cut to work with your hair type and flatter your face shape. Some faces are longer, wider, more angular, and rounder and there’s a cut to suit every one of them by minimizing certain features while enhancing others.

round face is characterized by nearly equal width and height, full cheekbones, and a rounded jaw. This face shape tends to lack angular features and prominent lines. This is a common face shape and more due to genetics than being overweight.

There are lots of styles that flatter guys with round faces. To balance out that width, hairstyles should add height to elongate the face. A side part adds asymmetry and angles too. Stay away from fringe cut straight across the forehead, which add width to the face, and too shortcuts, which can emphasize the shape of the head.

Check out these pictures for the best hairstyles for round faces for men:

One Direction’s Niall Horan balances his round face with tall and thick spiky hair. This style works well for a few reasons. The sides are cut short to emphasize the height of the hairstyle. The spikes are over an inch tall, dramatically changing the profile of his face. Last,  the jagged spikes add angles that contrast rounder features.

The men’s undercut trend is one of the ideal styles for men with round faces. The shaved sides add zero width to the face and enhance the appearance of both height and fullness on the top. The undercut can be combined with any hairstyle of your liking as long as it has some volume.

If you’re not into the undercut, then long on top, short sides and back is the cut for you. It’s a classic men’s haircut that works well to bring height and angles to round faces. Here, longer hair on top has a slight wave to add that also adds texture.

The latest men’s hairstyle trends, including slick hair, work for round faces. The key is a deep part that introduces angularity to otherwise soft feature. From here, you can slick hair back or across. Both work as long as you play up height. To get the look, use a low shine finish strong hold product like Baxter of California Hard Cream Pomade, Imperial Barber Matte Pomade Paste for fine hair, or Billy Jealousy Slush Fund Styling Mud for coarse hair.

If adding volume on top doesn’t work for your hair type or aesthetic, this is the type of men’s hairstyle that works for round faces. While straight across fringe is a major don’t the side swept bangs are a do. This works because of the deep side part – it couldn’t be further to the side. Long hair worn across the forehead is cut and styled at an angle that contrasts wide cheeks. Last, keeping the sides short completes the elongated profile without needing additional height.

There are three simple features to the best hairstyles for men with round faces. Height, short sides or an undercut, and the side part. With even two out of the three, your profile will appear longer, leaner, and more angular. Talk to your stylist or barber to get just the right style for your face shape and hair type too.

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