The best colors resemble the best home when you paint your interiors picking neutral colors strategically will make it more eye-catching. When we choose colors that in the beginning seem to be ok but later they tend to result in a kaleidoscope of colors that doesn’t make any sense later which don’t match.

Painting your whole house with one color rather than painting one room with one color is ideal. Colors like neutral paints and new paint colors create a great impression, always test such colors and one such color is Stonington gray.

Benjamin Moore Stonington gray is one beautiful color and my personal favorite. Stonington Gray is fine gray with undertones of blue. Painting this color with great combinations like Carrara marble and dark green-gray Vermont skate and such like colors in complement will add a wonderful look.

stonington gray

Why should one choose Stonington gray?

Stonington Gray is one color that blends well with other colors and suits any kind of setting and it gives a fine appearance, painting Stonington gray with any neutrals alone will look gorgeous, even the royal silver colors create a great combination. It is a mid-toned color perfect for any room.

Stonington Gray is one of the most popular colors in Benjamin Moore in neutral paints. This color is neutral and elegant, this color brings elegance to any room of the house.

We are discussing a wonderful color here in this blog

Do want to know why?

Stonington Gray is color is an LVR, yes it is an LVR color. Not everyone is familiar with what is LVR.

What is LVR?

LVR is an abbreviation of light reflectance value, this LVR is used by professionals which means it is designed for measuring light reflected from and absorbed into the surface. The range of the LVRs will be between 0-100, where 0 is pure black and 100 is pure white and the rest falls in between.

When the LVR of paint is higher than that shows more light reflected. In this case Stonington gray falls under 59.75, this means Stonington gray will be in the median but slightly greater than the mid of the scale. Stonington Gray is a cool color, not icy cool but it is cool-toned medium gray. Soft and refined. 

By this, you can see the most popular color collection in Benjamin Moore. As mentioned earlier Stonington gray is a cool-toned color with an undertone of blue being the main, it also has purple and green as undertones, in many cases you can see that the color is gray but in certain conditions of the lightening and reflection the color looks like blue, it will be shown as it is the main undertone of Stonington gray.

In conditions where perfect lighting and other elements are added additionally give the color of Stonington perfectly other elements included will lead to other undertones. In general, when using sample peel and stick paint samples will have the benefits of being non-damaging, pre-idea, reusable, non-damaging, affordable, in this state it will help it look more alluring, hence, I suggest trying sample peel and stick paint samples is better than going to any nearest store and selecting some samples.

Where does Stonington gray look better?

This question has an interesting answer it is good to use anywhere, in any room, and it looks good in any application. It suits the living room, exterior, bathroom, kitchen, and more many areas of a house. To my knowledge, it is one of the best neutral colors for the interior of the house. 

It is best with added perfect elements and decor, adding greens here and there near these Stonington gray also goes well. Lamps, cushions, and cutlery also as other cool-toned gray colors give a clean and classy look. In the background colors adding up, neutral blues and greens will make the area even more alluring.

Certain colors are similar to Stonington gray like silver chain 1472, cliffside gray HC- 180, and Nimbus 1465 share some sort of resemblance with Stonington gray. But when you see this color more closely there is no perfect color that matches or is equivalent to benjamin Moore Stonington gray in Sherwin William. But we can see two close matches though they are not completely identical those two matches are: Sherwin Williams passive and Sherwin Williams tinsmith. These two Sherwin colors have similar kinds of undertones.

To coordinate which colors are best?

 Let us see what colors are best for coordinating with Stonington have gray it can be paired with Amherst grey, hale navy, black HC, Newburg green HC, or Coventry gray HC, these coordinators act best with Stonington gray for a darker color to pair with it.

In a color palette try Newburg green on the wall, and base molding with chantilly lace.

Color comparisons? 

When we think about color comparisons everyone wants to get a perfect comparison because it is the main aspect of paint colors where you can see the wonderful blend of undertones being visible to know whether it is found to be a warm or cool color.  Stonington gray has great comparisons with various good colors like a gray owl, Coventry gray fewer pewter response gray.

In all these comparative colors we can see they are part of benjamin’s colors, they are the most popular gray colors, and they have similar LRV, cooled-toned, soft-toned gray.

Take away:

Stonington Gray is one of the most beautiful colors, all its beauty lies in the cool-toned nature of the color, it is the best selection for the interiors, this color will never get out of the style zone, and this color makes every place it will look very beautiful, it is best for interiors like every room in the whole house, also in exteriors, I would like to suggest this color as it can be seen through the above information on Stonington gray.

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