Avast Behavior Shield- What it is?

Avast Behavior Shield is among Avast antivirus’s extra features. It enhances your computer’s security by keeping all your tabs running whenever your order is being used. This enables the antivirus to discover any inconsistent behavior that may be caused by computer viruses, malware, or spyware. Consequently, it can identify any malicious files on your computer based on threats previously identified. It will then block them before they get a chance to expose your computer to viruses as well as other vulnerabilities.

Avast Behavior Shield

It Resolves All Threats

In addition, it can resolve all the threats that are yet to be defined in the antivirus database. To accomplish this, it analyses the behavior of suspicious files. Avast Behavior Shield is an effective additional layer that protects your device against suspicious attacks and malicious files. 

You’re protected by Default

The real-time protection offered by Avast Behavior Shield is by default, always active. This is an ideal security measure for your computer. I also allow you to adjust these settings to suit your preferences, especially if you’re familiar with advanced anti-malware configurations. However, you’re much safer with your Avast Behavior Shield enabled always.

Report Dangerous Files and Programs

After detecting potentially harmful files or programs in your device, Avast Behavior Shield will go ahead and block the operation. It will then send you a report about the dangerous behavior of some programs or files on your device. So, Avast Behavior Shield will protect you from any attacks on your device in real time.

Trusted Protection

Millions of users worldwide trust Avast because it’s an established company that offers protection to computers and other devices against attacks. In the same manner, Avast Behavior Shield offers your device all-rounder protection in real time.


Would you like to edit the configuration of your Avast Behavior Shield to suit your preferences? Well, that’s possible. You can just use the tabs on the left of your computer screen. Here, you’ll several tabs that will enable you to edit the settings as per your needs.

Navigating Avast Behavior Shield

Are you an Avast Behavior Shield first-time user? If so, you need not worry because it’s so easy to navigate through it. You’ll need to open the antivirus app, go to its main menu, and select settings. Once on the settings, click on Protection and choose Core Shields. Make sure you can see the Configure Shield Setting option and click on Behavior Shield. Ensure the Behavior Shield checkbox is checked. If it’s not checked, then Avast Behavior Shield is disabled on your machine. Enable it by just checking it.


Avast Behavior Shield allows you to specify the folders it should exclude as it scans the rest. You’ll go to the Exclusions tab and browse through your machine to select the files. To remove such files from the Exclusions folder, you’ll simply click on the folder you want to be removed and click on Delete.

It’s worth noting that any folder excluded from Avast Behavior Shield scans can still appear in other Avast scans. However, you can eliminate any file or folder from all Avast scans by going to Settings, then General, then Exclusions, and adding the folders you want.

The Bottom Line

Avast Behavior Shield is a feature that protects your PC and makes it safer while using it. But you have to ensure it’s always enabled for the best results.

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About the Author: Andrew

Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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