Really Funny & Relatable Asian Memes

The Funniest Asian Memes: This might be the Funniest compilations of Asian Memes but for those who might be offended by some Racist Memes I apologize in advance, this post purpose is for humor and not meant to offend anyone.

Asians will know
This is racist but so true.
Asian Mc Donalds be like.
Ling ling!!! Why you do this???
Park Jung Yoon
When Hollywood makes a movie set in Asia but still wants a famous actor to be the protagonist…
Why are you even reading this.
To those who can relate.
1 in million vs asians.
When he knows what’s more important
Asian countries are culture rich.
Free meal
Don’t matter
When you watch too much Rick and morty.
Asian skills
When Asian tries to upgrade their toilet…
When you are asian but not too bright af.
No dad, Y U No doctor yet!!
Asian parents do maths
God damn asians
X-mas poppers

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