Ashley Jacobs Reveals She is not the villain you think

Ashley Jacobs, the infamous Southern Charm reality show star is popular for her behavior in the show. She has certainly earned both fans and critics in Charleston and everyone was shocked when she made a comeback to Season 6 of Southern Charm. There has been a backlash since she made her appearance on Season 6 especially since she still dealing with the feud between her and Patricia Altschul.

Ashley Jacobs

She seemed like the villain even though she claims otherwise. Both Ashley Jacobs and Patricia Altschul are unfriendly towards each other and they have been butting heads for a while now, leaving some fans wondering why.

Altschul claims that the source of the conflict started with how Jacobs treated one of her friends.  She says Jacobs harassed the friend and some fans are speculating that it might have been Luzanne Otte. Luzanne was once set up with Thomas Ravenel, who is Altschul’s ex. Altschul has publicly expressed her dislike for both Jacobs and Ravenel on Twitter saying they are spreading lies and carrying out a smear campaign. She added on another tweet that her innocent friend has been cyberbullied by Jacobs since she’s insecure and obsessed with Thomas Ravenel, who is now Jacobs’ ex.

Ashley Jacobs is known for verbally assaulting Kathryn Dennis, who is the mother of Thomas Ravenel’s children. She retorted that Dennis is just an “egg donor” and not a real mother, something that fans of the show Southern Charm were upset about. In a recent interview, Jacobs said that she regretted saying some hurtful things to Kathryn Dennis and not keeping her mouth shut.

She continued saying that she had let her feelings get the best of her and she was reacting without thought. She explained that she should have pulled Dennis aside and explained her feelings.

Some reality stars are encouraging her to wear the label villain with pride but Ashley Jacobs is not.  Jacobs went on to say that fans dubbing her a villain hurt her. This, as a result, left them thinking deeply about what she had done wrong and how she could have done things differently.

She admitted she knew she could be blunt and has a sharp tongue which can be misconstrued as being a mean and evil person. She even admitted to getting some help for her situational depression even though she says she is not psychotic. However, she added that the truth will eventually come out.


Jacobs opens up about their relationship, which is now over, with Thomas Ravenel. She claims that it was a dark and lonely time for her and she was mentally neglecting herself and even lost a lot of weight. She said in the interview that she had picked up her life and uprooted herself from her hometown where everything was safe. “I no longer felt safe. I wasn’t in a good place,” she claimed. She wasn’t in a good place and to add the drama of the mother of Ravenel’s children, she says, was a hard situation for anyone.

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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