Arin Hanson – Net-Worth, Wife, Age & Other Details

In this article, we will explain everything that you need to know about Arin Hanson, including his net worth, wife, age, and many other details.

Arin Hanson – Biography & Voice Acting:

The actor Arin Hanson was born in the year 1987, on the 6th of January, and is known for his rapping, animation, and voice acting. He’s well-known by his YouTube channel’s name Egoraptor. He’s also popular because of the internet animations he does. Being the co-founder of the YouTube Let’s Play web series, Arin Hanson is also its co-starter.

The actor was born in Florida, USA, in West Palm Beach, and attended the Wellington School. He later dropped out during his junior year of high school to pursue voice acting. He became an internet content creator in the year 2001.

Arin’s mother is Muarette Hanson, who runs the charity called, Healing Horse Therapy Centre, and his father is Llyod Hanson who is a musician that plays the accordion, guitar, and keyboard and is also the creator of the website called, Old Farts with Guitars.

Arin created his YouTube channel on 11th March 2006. Since then, he has uploaded numerous animated web series, which he has created. He has done parodies on different game franchises, and some of his most popular ones are on Metal Gear, Pokémon, Sequelitis, and Ninja Gaiden. MTV approached him to make animated shorts for MTV’s online video-game show called, the G-Hole.

He was also the voice of Bruce Banner in the video game, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, in 2006. He even provided the voice for the character, John Gore, in Minigore, and for Detective Grimoire in the years 2009 and 2012 respectively. He was also added as an announcer in Move or Die in 2016. He has also provided his voice to Dragon Age: Inquisition, Death Rally, Red vs. Blue, Cyanide & Happiness, Target Acquired, and Rick & Morty.

Arin Hanson biography

Arin Hanson – Injuries & Diseases.

Due to an accident at Magfest 2013, Arin has a scar on his upper lip from smashing it against a falling toilet seat. He was diagnosed with regular ADD, or “attention deficit disorder”.

Arin Hanson – Wife:

Arin Hanson is married to Suzanne Berhow, who is a YouTube co-star. Their marriage was held at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County in 2013. They live together in their home in Glendale, California.

Arin Hanson Wife

Other Details:

Arin Hanson’s signature includes a drawing of Snake from Metal Gear Awesome, and his favorite fast food restaurant is Wendy’s. He has also performed as a storyboard artist on the web-comic show, Axe Cop. He made two flash films titled, “Dads Birthday Again” and “Happy Birthday Dad”, as birthday presents for his father.

In the third season of the dance competition web series, Dance Showdown, Arin appeared as a contestant with a professional dancer, Maxine Hupy. To kick-start the game, Mighty No. 9 in 2013, he gave 2500 US dollars, and had a 2D representation of himself in the game’s level titled, “Highway in return”

His favorite movie and video-game are Cat Goes to the Vet and Mega Man X respectively. 

Arin Hanson Net Worth:

A huge amount of Arin Hanson net worth is from his voice acting, and adverts on his YouTube channels. His channel named, Egorapter, has over 522 million views, and his second channel, Game Grumps, has over 5.3 million views. Although, he’s the co-founder of the channel.

One million views on YouTube are equivalent to $2,000 and using that information, Arin has made about One million dollars from YouTube alone. He has also made some extra money from Game Grumps due to a few sponsorships. His estimated net-worth rounds up to 1.25 million dollars.

Arin Hanson – Popular Quotes:

“Hey kids, you might be familiar with our editor, Kevin. But did you know, that he’s, too handsome? Think about it.”

“With cartoons, there really wasn’t a way to communicate with fans in a direct way, I was just making comedy content.”

“If space is nothingness then how do we compare speeds other than to comparing planets by how speed they fast each other?”

“My dad told me that I would be accepted as I am, a true man, but little did he know that wouldn’t be the case.”

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