Are FitGirl Repacks games safe? Do they contain viruses?

This question is very common and we have recently seen an emerging trend among malware distributors especially Bitcoin miners being integrated into installers of Fitgirl repack games. This type of system hijacking is just one of the many ways used by hackers to exploit the user by using their system’s computing resources to earn more money.

All You Need to Know About Fitgirl Repacks

Malware is easily bundled with the game installers and uploaded and shared with users who are unsuspecting on the torrent download sites. Once your machine has been infected, a downloaded Bitcoin miner will silently carry out their mining activities without the consent of the user. The Fitgirl game is repacked to lure gamers to download the compressed files for free. To help stay protected, we recommend you to install an up-to-date, real-time protection security product. You should also download Fitgirl from legitimate and reputable sources.

Are FitGirl Repacks games safe? Do they contain viruses?
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How Fitgirl Repacks work

Game repacks of small sizes should be avoided if you want to keep your hard drive in good condition. Game repacks compress game files just like Fitgirl. While installing the Fitgirl repack, you will notice the creation of many folders with thousands of files each of a small size. The small files will then be decompressed and joined to form the Fitgirl game file.

When this process of decompressing is taking place, you will notice in your task manager that the hard drive access speed is at its maximum. This process of accessing small files then combining them again will result in unnecessary read/write operations. In effect, you’re the life of your hard drive will reduce significantly.

When you run a Defraggler after the process of decompression, you will notice the game files have been heavily fragmented. If you continue running Fitgirl repack in a fragmented state, you are damaging your hard drive as the hard drive needle will first have to look for files, not in order.

For example, the Fitgirl repack was compressed to 35GB from 60GB and it first extracted thousands of small files into few folders. After that process, 3-4 CMD processes opened and started decompression of the files simultaneously. This operation took 4 hours and after you will notice the 60GB Fitgirl repack has completely fragmented.

If you download the game from Steam, you will see the files being downloaded sequentially and you will no fragmentation. You will also be saving your hard drive unnecessary read and write operations, keeping it healthy.


It is advisable to avoid the Fitgirl repack. If you have to use a repack, it should be because you have low bandwidth. You will notice some repacks might use a different technique that might be safe for your hard drive, but it is difficult to tell them apart. It is important to always buy the game to support the game developers.

Even though the developer of Fitgirl has said before that she uploads the repacks on Torrents for people to experience her experiments. This, however, has a financial impact on the developers as many people might play a game but only a small number has genuinely purchased the legitimate copies.

If all the above does not concern you, then you can still go to download the Fitgirl repacks in a short amount of time on Download torrents from KissassTorrents. This site is closed in many countries but you can always find a proxy of the site. If you have limited internet connection, you can download games from PC Games Download Free Highly Compressed and you will find highly compressed games splitters.

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