Are FitGirl Repacks Games safe? Do they contain viruses?

This question is very common and we have recently seen an emerging trend among malware distributors, especially Bitcoin miners being integrated into installers of Fitgirl repack games. This type of system hijacking is just one of the many ways used by hackers to exploit the user by using their system’s computing resources to earn more money.

All You Need to Know About Fitgirl Repacks

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Malware is easily bundled with the game installers and uploaded and shared with users who are unsuspecting of the torrent download sites. Once your machine has been infected, a downloaded Bitcoin miner will silently carry out their mining activities without the consent of the user. The Fitgirl game is repacked to lure gamers to download the compressed files for free. To help stay protected, we recommend you install an up-to-date, real-time protection security product. You should also download Fitgirl from legitimate and reputable sources.

How FitGirl Repacks work

Game repacks of small sizes should be avoided if you want to keep your hard drive in good condition. Game repacks compress game files just like Fitgirl. While installing the Fitgirl repack, you will notice the creation of many folders with thousands of files each of a small size. The small files will then be decompressed and joined to form the Fitgirl game file.

When this process of decompressing is taking place, you will notice in your task manager that the hard drive access speed is at its maximum. This process of accessing small files and then combining them again will result in unnecessary read/write operations. In effect, the life of your hard drive will reduce significantly.

When you run a Defraggler after the process of decompression, you will notice the game files have been heavily fragmented. If you continue running Fitgirl repack in a fragmented state, you are damaging your hard drive as the hard drive needle will first have to look for files, not in order.

For example, the Fitgirl repack was compressed to 35GB from 60GB and it first extracted thousands of small files into a few folders. After that process, 3-4 CMD processes opened and started decompression of the files simultaneously. This operation took 4 hours and after you will notice the 60GB Fitgirl repack has completely fragmented.

If you download the game from Steam, you will see the files being downloaded sequentially and you will not fragment. You will also be saving your hard drive unnecessary read and write operations, keeping it healthy.

Do FitGirl Repacks Contain Viruses?

If you frequent torrent sites, then you have come across many spyware or malware. These sites will broaden your knowledge of the challenges you come across when using them. A casual gamer seeking to download free games may be unaware of the virus talk, or perhaps they have less concern on the subject.  

All torrent sites offer pirate games and viruses, malware and spyware are part of what you get into bed with. The fit girl repacks mostly play well; they include DLCs and updates and also keep your game data adequately compressed. 

For frequent visitors to torrent sites, they are aware they need well-versed antivirus software to be able to surf without setbacks. New gamers must install antivirus software to use any torrent site, including fit girl repacks. 

Select the best anti-malware to detect any unwanted data as you download your free games. Your browser or PC might be hijacked by malware or adware with these extensions: RU., ru, ru. Once you come across such, it is likely adware or malware with a Russian extension. 

Those who criticize the website have no knowledge of how to deal with viruses or malware, which is outright frustrating. After such an experience, clients will give negative reviews like the website is a scam, my PC got spoiled, and all games did not work, among others. So, be knowledgeable and arm yourself with antimalware then get down to down whatever game interests you. 

FitGirl Games Download

FarCry5 FitGirl Repack

All games in Fitgirl repacks have unwanted scripts and data that target your C drive or your OS. After successful downloads, the Fitgirl repacks will automatically create malware. Follow these steps to find its location.

  1. Launch your C drive, which is where your OS is installed.
  2. Select the user folder and once it opens, tap on the account you are using.
  3. Navigate to the AppData. If you can’t find it in the displayed list, then it is hidden, and you need to unhide it. 
  4. The files inside the local folder are hidden, and you can unhide them from the control panel. 
  5. Tap the temp folder to open, which is where harmful files are stored. To verify the authenticity of each file, you can run them through scanning websites like virus total and delete any corrupt data and keep the genuine ones. 

Fitgirl repack game download is slow, and they take up a lot of space, and no matter how much free space you have, they will always fail to cite space issues. The games are run on Windows 10, 64-bit, RX 480, 8 GB Ram, and Ryzen 5 1600 six-core. 

Malware distributors like Bitcoin miners have recently emerged to be integrated into game repack installers. Users are exploited through system hijackings for their computing systems to earn more cash. 

It is for this reason that unsuspecting game installers are bundled with malware on torrent sites. Once your machine is infected with Bitcoin miners, the malware operates without your consent. As a result, your device will either slow down or not work at all. 

FitGirl Repacks Positive Points

It is a business enterprise that cracks and repacks cracked video games gotten through questionable sources. Fitgirl does NOT crack games but is a character that repacks video games genuinely and incredibly. The game repacks make the available games easy to download cracked PC games. Repacking removes unwanted data to enable the game to run smoothly like voiceovers and languages that are not useful to a gamer. 

The compression permits users to download the video games in smaller files which saves time and bandwidth consumption. The only downside is that the game installation is resource-consuming, but it is worth it as long as the game download is smooth. 

A repack is a version of a cracked game, and re-packers change the games by compressing them to download easily. Generally, Fitgirl repacks games for users to pick the only languages they need. 

FitGirl Repacks for Various Video Games 

FIFA 19 Fitgirl is a football simulation video game developed by EA Vancouver and is part of the Electronic Arts FIFA series. It was launched on September 28, 2018, and it is the 26th edition of the FIFA series, and it can be played on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows.

1. GTA 5 FitGirl

GTA5 FitGirl Repack

Repacks have reduced version sizes of original games using different compression algorithms. Although most games are pirated, some have new licenses that you can activate as you stream, and they take longer to install. GTA 5 can take you 25 minutes to install while the repack version can take 6 – 7 hours to install, thus it depends on what you choose. With fast internet, the uncompressed version is ideal for you, but if it is slow, you can install the repack version. 

2. Forza 4 Horizon FitGirl

It is rated as the best Horizon game for those who have an Xbox One X, and it is even better with the new 60 fps mode. Downloading it as a Fitgirl repack plays well and it contains DLCs and updates while keeping your data compressed. Make sure you have powerful anti-malware to detect unwanted data like adware or malware.

3. Far Cry 5 Fitgirl

Far Cry 5 Fitgirl is a video game story about an ex-special forces operator called Jack Carver. It was developed for Microsoft Windows in Germany by Crytek Studios and then published by Ubisoft on March 23, 2004, for Microsoft Windows. The story happens on a mysterious archipelago in Micronesia. Depending on your system and the game components you select, installation takes 20-40 minutes or 3-4 minutes for a repack. 

4. Hitman 2 FitGirl 

Full Hitman 2 Fitgirl RePack is a 2018 ultimate assassin simulator in the isle of sigil which is an open area after which you make your way up from the pier. Going down the main road leads you to two guards by a jeep chatting. 

5. FitGirl Jump Force 

It is a crossover fighting game developed by Spike Chunsoft and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It features some characters from the manga series in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump anthology, a move to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the magazine. 

Pros of FitGirl Repack Games

  • Small Setup Size: Repack Games are compressed to smaller sizes using efficient algorithms that remove unwanted files for the gameplay like side quests and language files that the game can run without. The game size is reduced from 100GB to about 10 or 20 GB. 
  • Faster Downloading: A reduced file size equals faster downloads, and the way the data is repacked enhances download speeds. It will not affect your internet speed if it is short, which is one of the tremendous benefits. Also, repacks are ideal for those who are not hardcore gamers looking for fun in the latest game release. 
  • Personalized Gaming Experience: Fitgirl repack games have no side quests or additional storyline elements; thus, a gamer enjoys a personalized experience by playing the details that matter. 
  • Focused Gaming: Since you select the game parts, your Fitgirl Repack Game will be focused on the main storyline without any elements that waste your time. Repacks are extensively compressed, meaning you will not play the game to the full extent, and that’s why purchasing an original setup is a better choice. 
  • Easy Accessibility: Fitgirl Repack Games is readily available, although they are not entirely trustworthy. Pirate sites give you an alternative to the original piece which mostly carries adware and malware. Before dealing with any torrent site, make sure you have a prominent anti-malware. Today many people do not trust the platform, but the future will be about Fitgirl repack games. 
FitGirl Jump Force

Cons of FitGirl Repack Games

  • Hard to find a Working Setup: Finding fully functional Fitgirl repack games is challenging because of competition repack services. A search on Google will direct you to the top-rated platforms to download the Fitgirl Repack Games.
  • Fake FitGirl Repack Platforms: Authentic Fitgirl Repacks are not easy to find, and you will come across many platforms that put the name on their websites to entice interested visitors. Such sites have no idea how to manage or maintain the games.
  • Compatibility issues:  The reduced game size is an indication that some data might be missing thus raising incompatibility issues. Read the descriptions provided before downloading and find out the installing errors you might encounter. 
  • Restricted Gameplay Access: The smaller game sizes might have influenced the deletion of some gameplay elements. For you to play the entire game, you will have to purchase and download the original game. Repacks are for those who don’t like to download huge files with many installation requirements. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. What is FitGirl?

Fitgirl is a site that releases torrent video games that you can play on your PC. It compresses or zips data by removing unnecessary files that the user does not require to run the game. They are known as cracked versions of video games that are highly compressed. 

2. Is FitGirl a girl?

Fitgirl is a group of programmers who crack video games happily and then upload them for sharing without any returns. The games have adware or malware which are downloaded alongside cracked games as a way to curb piracy which steals authentic games than making them available to the public for free. Piracy is illegal, and that’s why it is recommended to buy games from the original developers and let them enjoy the fruits of their hard work. 

3. Does FitGirl repack contain viruses? 

Fitgirl repacks mostly play well, and their data is compressed and up to date, and you need to use anti-malware to detect and get rid of unwanted data. Also, the games run on administrative authority. 

4. Are repackaged games trustworthy?

Most repacks are found on torrent websites meaning there are various viruses present. Make sure that where you download, and repacks is a safe source. However, Fitgirl repacks have a good reputation so far. 


It is advisable to avoid the Fitgirl repack. If you have to use a repack, it should be because you have low bandwidth. You will notice some repacks might use a different technique that might be safe for your hard drive, but it is difficult to tell them apart. It is important to always buy the game to support the game developers.

Even though the developer of Fitgirl has said before that she uploads the repacks on Torrents for people to experience her experiments. This, however, has a financial impact on the developers as many people might play a game but only a small number has genuinely purchased legitimate copies.

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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