7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss Playing World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Not every expansion that has been released in the history of the Dragonflight video game has been successful. It is for this reason that the number of players has constantly changed. Some expansions turned out to be a little more or less successful than the previous ones, so sometimes WoW experienced far from good times. 

However, this year everything changed when the whole world caught the release of a new expansion. Even before its release, players got acquainted with the innovations that awaited them. They promised to be exciting and interesting. However, no one knew if everything would be so rosy. 

Although the release of the expansion was associated with many technical problems, this did not spoil the impression. Since the end of November, many have already enjoyed the innovations of WoW: Dragonflight. Many, both experienced players and well-known critics, say that this expansion is almost the best thing that has happened to the game in the entire history of its existence. 

Reasons why you should play Dragonflight:

Rapid advancement through the levels of Dragonflight

Compared to the previous expansion, the players were able to notice huge progress, which pleased not only experienced players but also beginners. It has become much easier for players to reach the maximum level. Previously, this whole path took a huge amount of time and players had to look for hints on the web, and read guides to reach the desired level. 

Beginners can breathe a sigh of relief as they no longer have to spend 24/7 in the game to gain enough experience to fight other players. Even though the game’s level cap is now seventy, reaching it is much faster. 

All that is required of the players is to complete the tasks of the main campaign. In addition, completing additional quests speeds up the process of moving to the maximum level. In case of difficulty completing any tasks, players can always go to https://skycoach.gg/wow-boost and use the coaching services to deal with all the challenges. In addition, players will also receive many valuable bonuses. 

Simplified talent system of Dragonflight

Since the game has a huge number of characters for which players want to play, they often face a complex system of talent. Based on the previous structure, it was difficult for many users to understand which direction they should move. 

If this did not cause difficulties for experienced players, then it was quite challenging for beginners. That is why they resorted to the help of other players. However, with the new extension, the Dragonflight video game has become more beginner-friendly. Now they do not need to rack their brains to figure out what to do next. 


Customizable UI of Dragonflight

When there are major changes to the user interface, it is not always warmly welcomed by experienced players who are used to what it looked like before. However, this does not apply to the new expansion, as it allows players to customize the user interface depending on their preferences. 

Those who are used to the old UI can easily switch back to the classic version. However, players have the opportunity to customize and arrange everything so that they are comfortable. Thus, players enjoy a personalized experience. 

Crafting high-quality items for Dragonflight

Promotion in professions used to be primitive. This was a relief for beginners and a disappointment for experienced players who no longer faced challenges. 

However, professions have become more interesting and exciting. Regardless of the chosen profession, players create various items. Now, these items have a certain level of quality, depending on the professional skills of the character. To make an item of the highest quality, players need to improve their skills. 

In total, you can observe five levels of item quality. This encourages users to strive for the best. Although at first, it may seem difficult for beginners, over time it begins to arouse genuine interest. 

Simple and clear renowned tracker 

Players do not just strive to achieve more experience, pass difficult tasks, and so on. The more and better the players cope with their tasks, the higher their level of renown becomes. Thanks to the increased level, users can buy more valuable items in the store. 

Now after completing each task, users can easily find out their level of progress. You don’t have to rack your brains to see your progress and what items are available for you to purchase. 

New exciting locations 

Each time new locations cause undoubted interest among the players. When they appear, everyone tends to go there to see what’s new there. In the case of the new expansion, we are talking about the Dragon Isles. 

This location amazes all players. It is beautiful purely from a visual and aesthetic point of view. However, players are interested in exploring it, since the flora and fauna there are incredibly diverse. In one part of the location, users can see volcanoes with lava, and in another location, users can enter a snowy area. 

Incredible flights on new mounts of Dragonflight

One of the innovations that all players were looking forward to was flying on new mounts. Many users knew that the expansion would allow flying dragons, but no one could have imagined that it would be that epic. 

Previous flights on mounts left much to be desired. They were slow and did not cause any enthusiasm. However, everything changed for the better. Users can fly at incredible speeds, view the area from a bird’s eye view, and much more. 


At first, many players perceived the new expansion with some skepticism. This is understandable since not all previous extensions have been successful. However, Dragonflight has been a hit with players all over the world. Players got acquainted with a huge number of new features that aroused interest in the game. Undoubtedly, this extension deserves praise. 

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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