7 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Jewellery

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Wearing jewellery enhances the overall look of a person, making them feel good and confident. For others, it is part of a tradition and has sentimental value. Many people often find themselves in a lot of trouble when they decide to purchase jewelry. Here are some insights into some of the most common loopholes that people make.

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Jewellery

Not Being Keen on the Jeweller’s Warranty

Whereas no one anticipates cracks and breaks on precious jewelry, damage may occur with normal or abusive wear. Therefore, it is essential to note that doing repairs outside your jeweler’s authorization may void the warranty as they may not take any responsibility for defects or jobs done on the piece.

Most jewellers offer after-sales services for a specified time or even a lifetime, such as tightening a freestone, clasp tightening, ear nut tightening, cleaning, and polishing, which is mostly free.

Many jewellers may require a buyer to visit the store semi-annually or annually for regular inspection.

Therefore, it is important to avoid an extended warranty unless stated that there will be a reinstatement should you miss a date. Always keep a note of the guidelines, especially on inspection, to avoid the warranty being rendered null and void should you skip even a single day!

Not Considering the Occasion

Occasions create an atmosphere that informs us about what to wear and how to behave. Different events demand different attires, and it is important to dress up appropriately for each occasion. A common mistake that people find themselves in is choosing jewellery that does not match the event.

Doing so will give people the impression that you do not understand the theme or setting of the event and ultimately make you feel out of place.

To avoid choosing jewellery that is not fit for a ceremony, select attire that matches the occasion as it informs you of what to wear.

Compromising on Quality

Quality refers to the standard of excellence. The quality of jewellery determines its value and worth. There are times when a set budget determines the purchase. However, be sure to choose quality over size and price.

Quality jewellery is durable in that they do not break easily, tarnish in colour or crack and can resist wear and tear. A compromise on the quality of jewellery will have you visiting jewellery stores very often and spending more money.

Failing to inquire

Since there are many shapes, colours, and materials that make jewellery, it can be hard to decide. It is, therefore, vital to seek information and advice. If you intend to choose jewellery for a loved one, you may want to directly ask them what they prefer.

However, if the intention is a surprise, you could try browsing through a list of favourite jewellery stores and see what they love. Over and above, seek an expert’s advice so that you do not end up with jewellery that you will not love.

Jewellery that does not match your Complexion

We often admire other people’s tastes and preferences when it comes to fashion and trends. We love their style and tend to copy what they wear. At times it does work, while at other times, it works against us.

The world encourages us to be comfortable in our skin and be confident in who we are and what we wear. However, it is crucial to be fully aware of what jewellery colours, sizes, and shapes will enhance our beauty.

Failing to check on the Jeweller’s Reputation

Many people walk into a jewellery store and pick a piece without asking for certificates of authenticity. Any jeweller is required to have a lab certificate from a reliable source. Failing to authenticate the dealer’s reputation puts you at risk of buying low-quality jewellery.

Purchasing from a well-known, reliable, and reputable brand for many years, such as Revelations Boutique, will ensure that products get quality and excellent customer support. Anyone purchasing jewellery online, not verifying the jeweller’s details and character, will make you a victim of online fraud.

Estimating the size of Jewellery

Making an assumption or guess on the size of jewellery could result in getting too tight and uncomfortable jewellery, too big or too small to fit. It is important to take accurate measurements before purchasing them, especially from sellers with no-return policies

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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About the Author: Andrew

Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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