7 Men’s Hairstyles for Short Hair 2018

Even if short hair isn’t exactly a men’s hair trend, it is and will likely always be the most popular style for guys. Short haircuts are quick, easy, look great, and work for every hair type, especially ultra thick or curly hair. Check out these pictures for 7 cool ways to wear men’s hairstyles for short hair.

The crew cut may be military-inspired but that doesn’t mean it lacks style. This ultra-short cut is perfect for guys who don’t want to deal with drying or styling time, even if you never wear camo. The key is that it’s not a one-length DIY buzzcut but has some shape thanks to shorter sides with extra length on top.

Here’s another version of the longer-on-top crewcut. It’s still very short all over but that extra bit of length can be styled or left messy. This is an excellent choice for men with coarse hair that has a mind of its own.

The rest of these short hairstyles for men are versions of the classic short sides and long top cut. Here thick hair is cut short and looks great with some minimal styling from a comb. Hair on top is worked over to one side and there is some added height at the crown. This is a cool cut on it’s own or would work to grow out a buzzcut.

A cool and easy way to style men’s short hair for 2015 is adding messy texture. Getting the bedhead trend couldn’t be easier. Work a dab of texturizing product through hair, remembering you need less for shorter hair, tousle with fingers, and you’re done.

For curly and wavy hair, short hair can showcase hair’s natural texture without adding any extra work or styling time. This cropped cut gets plenty of volume of wavy hair.

If you’re looking for a short men’s haircut that can be styled into the latest trends, go for extra length on top. This cool look is styled into a combover with a matte product, which is suitable for work, formal events, as well anything your social life brings.

For extra edge, wear the sides of your short haircut extra short. This undercut has plenty of attitude while looking clean cut. Or check out a taper fade that goes all the way down to the skin for a retro-inspired style that has made a huge comeback in 2015.

All of these men’s short haircuts will have you looking great in no time. Whether you go for a crew cut to tame hard to manage hair or wear hair longer for styling options, these short sides and back -longer on top men’s haircuts do the trick.

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