6 Even Better Ways To Take Care Of Your Pets

Many pet owners want to give their pets the best of everything. What can you do besides give your pet the best basic needs to improve their lives? We talk about six ways you can make the life of your pooch better and help promote the best relationship with you below.

Make sure they get enough exercise

This statement does not mean walking your dog to do their business. Many dogs like to be active. It helps them stay fit, and they get a variety of scenery to look at and explore. Just like we like to go to new places, so do most dogs. A hike through the woods is a fantastic place to start. Plus, you will get more exercise when you take your dog with you.

Dogs need entertainment and activity to prevent boredom. Going out fishing or taking them on your morning jog can promote a better bond and get them out of the house. Just make sure your pet is current with its shots. They should also have a collar with identification to ensure someone can contact them if they get away.

Train your pet with hand signals

Many dogs learn best by watching people’s hand gestures. They will pick up the words you speak to them eventually, but hand signs are faster to learn. You can close your fist to teach your dog to sit or lay your hand flat to signal that you want them to lie down. A flat palm on the face is a good way to show you want the dog to stay put.

Pet massages are not a fad

Your animals get tense and have sore muscles just like you. After a long run, then giving your dog a rubdown is a great way to help them wind down. Start at the head and work back to the tail. By the end of the rubbing, he or she will be ready to take a nap. If you want to lie down too, then you do not have to worry about Fido getting into the dog food early or tearing up your favorite pair of house shoes.

Give them premium pet food

The better quality food you feed your pet is going to get the same result as feeding yourself premium meals. The leaner cuts of meat and better protein will help them grow more muscle instead of fat. You can try a small bag of the food you want to feed him or her to be sure they like it. That way you do not spend a small fortune on something they will not eat.

A good bath is important

Whether or not your pet has fleas, he or she will benefit from a thorough bath. Dogs are easier to bathe than cats. You can introduce them to water with a small swimming pool or a sprinkler if you are unsure how they will react. Regular washing will help maintain their coat and keep loose fur off your floors.

Socialize your dog

One way to socialize with your pet is to take them to the dog park. Going for a walk in your neighborhood, or setting up a pet play date is another way to introduce them to new animals. If you need a safe place for your animal while you go on a business trip, then the Dog Kennels Gold Coast is a wonderful place for your puppy or full-grown dog to get attention and meet a few friends while you are away.

They will get a bath and sleep in a high-quality sling bed in a private kennel with an open view of other animals. Your pet will always be safe with fencing up top, and a privacy panel on the bottom of each kennel. He or she can hide or talk with the other doggies in the kennel, depending on his or her personality.

Giving your dog the best does not mean spoiling them with fattening treats. Taking better care of your pets means more attention and ways to fight boredom. You can adapt many of these tips for cats, birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, and more.

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