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Warwick Bass Guitars originated in Germany. With their plethora of variants targeting multiple ranges of audiences and providing authenticity, here’s a mini shopping guide outlining a couple of things to keep in mind before getting yourself a Warwick Bass-


The foremost noticeable feature of a Warwick Bass is its aesthetics. Being a premium brand, Warwick Basses are well known for its signature aesthetics, all the models are built from high-quality exotic tonewoods which keeps it apart from its counterparts. Expertise at customizing models there are fairly good chances that the one you pick stands out amongst the rest. 


With Warwick Bass, you will find Bass Guitar suitable for every level of player.

a) There is the ‘Standardised Rock Bass’ which is mass-produced at affordable price points with simpler finishes suitable for a beginner.

b) The Medians can opt for ‘Limited Editions’ or the ‘Pro Series’ to oomph their uniqueness. These editions are produced in limited masses to maintain their custom aesthetics.

c) ‘Signature Series’ as the name suggests is custom-made for the artists. These are usually custom-built out of collaborations, which can also be used as a reference point for a Beginner or a Median level player to pick their Warwick Basses that go with the one their favorite artist uses.

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The most notable quality of any Warwick Bass Guitar is that any level of Warwick Bass sounds surprisingly similar, although each one of them varies in its pricing and making. These have an easily recognizable sound which is also one of the special characteristics of every bass this company makes.


Warwick only produces 4 String and 5 String Bass Guitars which have been explained in detail below, you can use it as a reference guide to picking your suitable Warwick Bass.


Warwick Bass Guitar’s pricing varies on the wood that goes into making them. Not to deny that these babies cost a bomb but they are worth every penny.

Classifying Bass Guitars

Before venturing into buying a Bass Guitar, let’s get to know about the different kinds of Bass Guitars out there in the most simplified manner possible. The most common classification of Bass Guitars depending on the number of strings are 4 String and 5 String Basses-

a) 4 String Basses:

  1. Jazz Bass-
    A universal kind of Bass suitable to pretty much any style where accuracy and subtlety are needed more than aggression. With a larger body and larger range of sounds, this is for someone who takes music seriously, also most people’s first bass.
  2. Precision Bass-
    This kind is a simple-to-use instrument with a smaller body making it an ideal pick for a beginner.

b) 5 String Basses:

  1. Short-scale Bass-
    ‘Scale’ here refers to the distance between the nut and the bridge which means the length of the string. 34” is the perfect scale length, anything falling in the range of 30-32” is defined to be a Shortscale Bass. These are a boon for people with shorter hands or beginner players that are younger.
  2. Multiscale Bass-
    As the name suggests these multiscale basses have multiple string lengths, the most common types with longer scale lengths on the bass strings and shorter scale lengths on the treble strings used to produce more tighter and focused sounds.
  3. Fretless Bass-
    Frets are the metal wires up and down the neck of the bass beneath the bass strings. Their purpose is to accurately divide up the notes on each string when you press the string down. And as the name suggests Fretless Bass has no frets over the fretboard, making the fretboard smooth. Suitable for an Intermediate level player who is into playing subtle and warm tones.
  4. Semi-Acoustic Bass-
    Featuring from implementing simpler electronics into an acoustic bass to more advanced systems these Semi-Acoustic or Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitars are great for playing unplugged without hurting your fingers.

Left-Handed Bass-
These limited Bass Guitars are made specifically to target left-handed bass players. Although a left-handed bass player is not obliged or confined to getting a Left-Handed Bass as it limits the player to choose from a variety of other Basses designed for right-handers. Bass is a versatile instrument that needs you to use both your hands to play and would not cause any kind of disorientation or ineptitude to a specific hand player. 

c) Multiple String Basses-

6 or more string Bass Guitars come under the Multiple String Bass category. Although the optimum number of strings recommended is 4 String or 5 String at most, the highest number of strings recorded in a Bass was 36. A wide range of players sticks to the optimum number, therefore, making Multiple String Basses not a significant element to consider while deciding on what Bass to go with.

Now you are all set to get your hands on an apt Warwick Bass, you wouldn’t make any mistake in picking the right one.

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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