February 7, 2018

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    The Funniest Burger King Foot Lettuce Memes

    Burger King Foot Lettuce refers to a scandal in which a Burger King employee was photographed standing in two plastic tubs of lettuce with shoes on. Shortly after its initial appearance on 4chan, the location of the Burger King restaurant was subsequently identified and the photograph in question was sent to local and national news […] More

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    Bazzi – Mine

    Download Bazzi – Mine Mp3 Song Song for your mobile phone “Mine” by “Bazzi” from the category “Songs” is available to download for free. Download Bazzi – Mine.mp3 More

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    The Funniest FBI Agent Watching Me Memes

    F.B.I. Government Agent Watching Me refers to a character referenced in jokes in which a person engages in conversation with a government agent spying on them through either their webcam or smartphone. Rather than sinister, the relationship between the agent and the user is usually sympathetic and emotionally supportive. More