1940s Hairstyles: Don’t Afraid to Try Vintage Look

Hairstyles in the 1940s were unique, perfectly done into glamorous rolls and waves. Women were expected to keep their hair neat in a feminine way to meet social standards. The 1940s hairstyles were uniquely done and were worn in an updo manner and then covered with a scarf to maintain the style. 

1940s Hairstyles

Some styles worn today are from the 40s, and this post will cover them with a guide on how to get them done right. These styles put glamour in old Hollywood, and wearing such hairstyles will make you look like an iconic movie star. Nowadays, there is a pronounced surge in vintage fashion across the world. 

Popular 1940’s Hairstyles for Women

The 1940s hairstyles are classy and less complicated for anyone with thin or thick hair. 

1. Victory Roll

The hairstyle will give you a classy look as it has a roll at the top of the head. There isn’t a specific way to wear this style or you can spice it with an updated look. One great thing about this style is that you can wear it in more than one way.

2. Veronica Lake Curls

Veronica Lake was an iconic Hollywood star who always wore her hair in curls. The hair is styled in a shiny, side-parting way with bouncing waves to give it a vintage appearance.

3. Headscarf

A headscarf was a vital accessory to the 1940s hairstyles, and it was much used by working women. The look was associated with feminism, and anyone who wore it represented women who worked in factories. It had to be colorful, and it covered all the hair then tied into a ribbon at the top of the head with some victory curls left out.

4. Classic Pompadour

The pompadour is one of the 1940s hairstyles that are easily confused with styles from other eras. The class is extravagant and voluminous, which makes it perfect for a night out. Create an ideal pompadour by backcombing some part of the hair at the front backward to create a fuller appearance. 

Now comb the hair under the fuller part and pin it in place over the fluffy hair. You can keep the rest of the hair down or make an updo style to complete the stunning pompadour.

5. Double Victory Roll

The victory rolls are a favorite to many, and you can make them better to get an iconic look. Besides, there is more than one way to wear the style, like in double rolls, which frames your face better. You can use pins to hold the rolls in place, and you can also style them in different parts of the head.

6. Full Rolled Bottom

It is a 1940s hairstyle that holds all hair up in a roll and still styles the top part differently. You can put on a subtler look by leaving the rest of the hair smooth but for a more dramatic look by adding some victory rolls at the top.

7. Voluminous Bob

The 1940s hairstyle list is incomplete without the fashionable short hair, common among most Hollywood actresses. The bob hairstyle in those days was a combination of voluminous hair with classic curls.

Create the perfect bobby pinning curls in your hair, then brush through with your fingers to soften the curls. The curls end up soft, and the hair volume will be preserved. 

8. Updo with Bumper Bangs

You can create an updo in various ways and also by mixing different elements from different hairstyles. Make a low knot at the lower part of your hair, then make fluffy bumper bangs at the top to pronounce the look. 

Those with thin hair can use hair extensions to perfect the hairstyle by adding volume. Remember to use the right hair products to keep your hair healthy. Also, avoid flat hairstyles. 

9. Sock Hop

Ribbons perfect the hairstyle, and young women and little girls commonly used them. It was typically done with brightly colored socks or colorful patterns, which gave the style a fun twist. The sock is tied around the head then a knot is made at the top of the head. You can make victory rolls or a knot, then tie it around the head and make a knot at the top of the head. 

1940s Hairstyles

10. Braid Crown

In the 40s, braids were quite common, and they could be worn in various ways. Women could braid their hair or use synthetic hair for the same. The braid crown was famous, and you can try the style by weaving two braids, then placing them on your head and pinching them tightly to avoid unnecessary movement.


The 1940s hairstyles are an inspiration to many women today. They are easy to make, and you can go ahead and try creating them as detailed above and rock the world with a classy Hollywood look. With vintage styles making a comeback, it is a great motivation to try these hairstyles.

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