15 Interesting Facts about Writers

What makes professional writers so good at their work? Or why do some students score higher grades in argumentative, expository, and creative essays than others? Most people ask themselves these questions upon failing to complete a perfect paper. Ideally, this should never worry you if you decide to understand some interesting facts about writers. 


Top 10 Fun Facts about Writers: What to Do to Become a Writer Yourself

1. Emulate great writers

Since every student must complete several assignments and scientific papers before graduation, learning writing skills is mandatory. However, how does an individual intending to be a great writer acquire this set of expertise? The best course of action would be to read the papers completed by experienced persons. Ideally, you can access these materials via a simple Google search or your peers’ essays. 

2. Constantly preview writing guidelines

You might think that individuals with top writing proficiencies just sit back and deliver quality work. Do you know what? They neither exhibit nor practice this behavior. So, what do you think makes them remain knowledgeable and perfect in their work? Since they strive to be better every day, great writers frequently consult their dictionaries and Internet or archive materials to understand commonly misused vocabularies and even become conversant between formal and informal words.   

3. Read articles on different subjects

Does concentrating on a specific field in writing make someone great? Of course, focusing on your interest rather than monetary gains would elevate your standards. Does it mean you should never read articles or books from other disciplines or subjects? Ideally, diversification would make you understand the organization of ideas, choice of words, and development of sentence structure. Thus, make reading look like your job. 

4. Write a lot 

Do you know why some students deliver perfect essays even in their first year of study? Most individuals wait until their professors or instructor give them an assignment before they start writing. With this behavior, be sure that you can never be a great writer. Like any other profession in the world, you must start practicing. In particular, you can start by writing your experience on LinkedIn or blog on exciting topics, which can be a source of revenue. Ideally, to be a great writer, you must practice.

5. Have an outline

One thing you will appreciate in a write-up completed by a great work would be coherence, even if they had a short duration for writing. Ideally, what you should learn from them entails having an outline before you begin the research. You might think this strategy would waste a lot of time in case of a strict deadline. Ideally, this is never the case. One of the fun facts about writing you should understand is that an outline would help you finish your work on time since it acts like a roadmap for traveling individuals. Ideally, you will never get lost in researching or find yourself writing irrelevant facts about the topic. 

6. Write your ideas

How do you answer a question upon finding the information on the Internet? In most cases, most individuals tend to paraphrase the facts and cite the materials appropriately. You are more likely to score higher grades with strategy in narrative writing. However, this strategy might never be appropriate as you advance in your studies. In this case, it would be best to learn the intricacies of famous writers in delivering quality and flawless papers, like interpreting and challenging authors’ verdicts to unveil unconventional ideas.  

7. Find a writing partner

Have you ever noticed that some students start performing exceptionally in essays and assignments after demonstrating some weaknesses in writing? What do you think contributes to such significant improvements? Something you might never notice is their willingness to learn from essay writers from CustomWriting’s professional writing service. In particular, this essay-writing company provides cheap services to students from the USA and worldwide. Although it writes custom papers, a customer can request professional assistance in exams and homework via its website. While you continue scoring higher grades, your writing skills will continue improving. 

8. Eliminate wordiness

How would you feel after reading a 2-page write-up without finding what you want? In most cases, a topic of an article like “top 10 music colleges” in the United Kingdom might be attractive to a student seeking admission to an art program. However, reading such a write-up might never get sufficient information. One of the misleading psychological facts about such authors concerns presuming that wordiness makes their work sound authoritative. Usually, it would be best if you practice using short sentences and a one-word rather than a phrasal verb, like great writers, for your texts to have a significant impact. 

9. Use writing tools

Why does your paper contain grammar and structural mistakes after proofreading? Ideally, someone else might find some errors after reading your essays, especially those with many pages. The underlying rationale for such occurrences concerns human fatigue and the monotony of proofreading your work. In this case, it would be best to use Grammarly. Although this tool can check for plagiarism, you should consider using Turnitin. 

10. Eliminate distraction

Like great authors, you must allocate adequate time and a conducive environment for writing. For instance, it would be best to refrain from multi-tasking and internal and external distractions. In this case, you can select a well-lit and ventilated room for completing your writing if going to a library is not an option for you. 

Other 5 Interesting Facts about Writing: Try These Tips to Become a Better Writer

1. Seek feedback

One of the facts about authors and writers you might consider knowing would be learning from your mistakes. In this case, you can complete an essay or research paper and request an experienced expert, preferably an editor, to read and offer honest feedback. Rather than feeling demoralized, you can use their suggestion to make your writing better with time. 

2. Be conversational 

While writing a scientific paper, you might think that qualitative and quantitative facts are sufficient to score higher grades. It would help if you tried to connect ideas by relying on various rules, such as describing the causes before the effects without breaking the grammar rule. 

3. Start and end with a strong argument

In this case, one of the facts about writers attracting the reader’s attention concerns starting an introduction with a little-known fact or a debatable argument. These individuals also complete their essays with an after-thought sentence as a wrap. 

4. Use a variety of sentences

Great writers avoid using a similar structure of sentences in succession to minimize the likelihood of a paragraph being monotonous. In this case, it would be best to consider using clause modifiers, adverbial phrases, and participial phrases in your writing.

5. Avoid passive voice

Unless specified, your paper or essay should be in active voice. The best strategy would be to ensure that a subject precedes a verb in a sentence

Although the decision to be a great writer lies in your hands, you have the freedom to hire an online partner for academic assistance. 

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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About the Author: Andrew

Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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