15 Cool Short Haircuts For Guys 2018

Short hair is always on trend for men. Check out these pictures of cool short haircuts for guys for 15 stylish looks that take mere minutes to style. All these cuts are perfect for a busy lifestyle or making quick work of thick, coarse, or curly hair. Throw in a part, undercut, or fade and you’ve got a 2015 men’s hairstyle trend that looks good in no time.

Starting with the shortest cut, Dudley O’Shaughnessy (recognize him from Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love‘ video?) models a classic buzzcut with a modern twist. Hair is shaved all over with a subtle side part at the edge of the hairline. The sides and back are slightly shorter, adding a polished finish to this crew cut.

Here’s another cool short haircut fresh from an American Eagle photo shoot. It takes the longer on the top-short back and side a step further, leaving about an inch of length to work with. Thick hair is cut and styled to add some texture. Add in a little product and work hair forward or over to one side or just let hair loose.

A fade or taper creates an ultra clean cut finish to any haircut while being on point with 2015 trends. This cool cut fades down to the skin at the side burn and neck for a subtle and smooth look. The hair on top is style towards the opposite side in a shorter version of the hipster combover minus the defined part.

This high undercut extends the life of a cut. Hair sideburns and nape of the neck grow the fastest so shaving them extra short means you can take more time between clean ups or cuts. These shaved sides reveal a lot of skin so keep hair and scalp moisturized with the body’s natural oils by shampooing a few times a week instead of everyday.

This short-but-not-shaved crewcut makes mornings a breeze for guys with ultra thick hair, like Domonic Carish. Use a touch of pomade or wax to get this effortless textured style.

For a well-groomed finish, it’s all about a clean cut neckline. This haircut tapers from the longer hair on top to a taper at the neck. This fade down to the skin looks better growing in than a defined line.

For a well-groomed finish, it’s all about a clean cut neckline. This haircut tapers from the longer hair on top to a taper at the neck. This fade down to the skin looks better growing in than a defined line.

For a more traditional and conservative men’s short hairstyle, just add a side part. Andrija Bikic is the picture or professionalism with this classic short cut. Use a matte pomade for work or add a touch of Mad Men cool with a shiny product.

For guys with high foreheads or the beginning of a receding hairline, short haircuts are your best option. This cool cut seen on Eddy Putter is longer at the hairline and pulled across as if there were a part. Leave the sides as full as the top because hey, that’s where the hair is.

With the right haircut, short hair practically styles itself. Layering and texturing thins out thick hair for a no fuss, no muss hairstyle. Just wash and go (just don’t wash every day if you don’t have to).

On the other hand, short hairstyles don’t have to be clean cut.  Kelly Rippy styles his short hairstyle in the modern messy bedhead style. This is a great way to add volume to fine or thin hair. Look for a pliable product like Baxter of California Fiber Pomade to get the look.

For a unique men’s hairstyle, go asymmetrical. This stand-out-from-the-crowd cut is shaved short on one side, with all the length sweeping to the opposite side. An undercut all around ensures that hair is easy to style. Mix it up by wearing this style with spikes or emo styles.

Thanks to ultra strong hold products, spiky hairstyles keep getting taller. Or you can get back to the classic look with a short haircut. Wear some vertical spikes on the weekend and go for a more clean cut look for work, if required.

Pitti Uomo

For the latest look, work hair into this style somewhere in between spikes and slick hair. Worn with an undercut and beard, the tousled top contrasts the otherwise groomed cut. For styling, choose a matte wax or pomade.

Going too short with thick, coarse hair can result in a style that sticks up all over. Instead, go shorter with one of the first cuts on this page or longer like above. That extra length will give you more control over hair as well as provide more surface area for the product to work with. This short haircut for thick hair is longest in the center and tapers down towards each side. Get this cool style with a strong hold matte product like Billy Jealousy Headlock Molding Cream.

There’s nothing boring about these short haircuts for men. There are so many riffs on the classic short back and sides, longer on top style from buzzcut length and longer. Or add a part, undercut, or an asymmetrical fringe for a unique style. The point is all these short hairstyles are 2015 trends and quick and easy to style.

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